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Leave the Office Earlier Day

by Joe Kaczrowski | Jun 02, 2015

Today, June 2, is Leave the Office Earlier Day. Never heard of it? Check out the backstory here. With the sun setting later and rain on the horizon, today is a good day to get out and enjoy the Minnesota weather.

If warm sunshine and a number of scenic golf courses in the area isn't enough to get you to celebrate one of America's lesser known holidays, the fact is that Americans work on average 49 hours per week, or roughly 350 more hours per year than most Europeans. Looking over the past fifteen years, few countries top the United States in terms of average hours worked. Some countries in that club? Russia, Korea, and Mexico.

Citrix ShareFile notes a couple of lessons attorneys can take away from the holiday. Their advice: plan your day better, balance attack time with work time, make time for email, and remember that there's always a tomorrow.

Of course the challenge with Leave the Office Earlier Day, or holidays and vacations in general, is that in this era of uber-connectedness even when we leave the office or say we are unavailable the reality is that most people still check emails. When you check out for the day, do you go 'off the grid'? Do you check your phone when you put a club back in your bag?

While not a federal holiday, or perhaps even a holiday recognized by most people, it does provide a reminder that there is more to life than work. Whether you choose to celebrate Leave the Office Earlier Day this year, or take the advice from ShareFile and improve your workday, whenever you head home today have a beer, light a cigar, or tip your hat to Babe Ruth, who retired from Major League ball on this day in 1935.