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mndocs update

by Joe Kaczrowski | May 31, 2015

mndocs, where you want, when you wantFor those unfamiliar with the MSBA's document assembly service, mndocs is the MSBA's premier automated document assembly program. mndocs is now designed to run through the new HotDocs Market, an ecommerce platform offering expertly crafted templates published by the MSBA (and other vendors) and automated using proven HotDocs technology. The new cloud-based mndocs available through HotDocs Market enables you to access your forms from a wide range of devices and locations, including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. mndocs is constantly updated by the MSBA, and through HotDocs Market you have access to the most up-to-date version of each of the hundreds of forms available in mndocs.

After extensive research and evaluation of the existing mndocs product, the MSBA decided to move its automated document assembly program -- mndocs -- to a new cloud-based platform, HotDocs Market. The new mndocs on HotDocs Market offers much greater accessibility and functionality to members while still providing the same content and a familiar look and feel. Following the move to Market, the MSBA will be rolling out hundreds of new and updated forms, in practice areas including family law, adoption, estate planning, business law, and criminal law, with more to come.

So what is HotDocs Market? HotDocs Market is a marketplace designed for legal professionals who are frustrated with the amount of time they have to dedicate to creating forms and contracts. HotDocs Market is a source to purchase expertly crafted templates from leading publishers and bar associations like the MSBA. More information about HotDocs Market can be found here. The following video is one of the on-demand resources available to help members familiarize themselves with the new mndocs and document automation in general.

To ease the transition for current mndocs subscribers, the MSBA and HotDocs created "bridge" accounts on Market for each current subscriber. These accounts were set up to allow current subscribers to transition at a pace with which they were comfortable. These bridged subscriptions end today. Current subscribers will need to renew on Market to maintain access to mndocs.

The member price for mndocs is $175 annually. To subscribe at the member price, members need to ensure their Market accounts include their primary MSBA email (the email address you use to log in to -- access practicelaw, Fastcase, etc.). If you subscribed to mndocs in the past with a different email, you will have a bridge account under that email. However, to renew you will need to add your login to the account as well. You can contact HotDocs Support for help with this, otherwise a short description of the process is available here.

HotDocs Support info

The MSBA did not make the move to HotDocs Market lightly. The Association knows mndocs is a valuable practice tool for many members. As with all of its products and services, the MSBA is constantly reviewing and evaluating its offerings to try to maximize value. Two ways the move to Market has improved the value of mndocs is through the functionality and accessibility inherent in the new platform itself, and by leveraging the MSBA's new partnership with HotDocs to allow the MSBA to focus on content, an area where the Association is best positioned to add value, and to let HotDocs handle the administrative side of things, where they have the expertise.

Unfortunately mndocs was not sustainable as a product at the former price point. While it may have been possible to continue to offer it at that price, the Association could not provide regular updates, thus negating the value to members and failing to meet the quality implied by the MSBA brand.  The new mndocs offers much greater functionality to members and reduces the administrative burden allowing the Association to focus on updating and expanding content. As noted earlier, the MSBA will be rolling out several hundred new and updated forms this summer. The new mndocs also eliminates the need for subscribers to download form updates and install new versions of HotDocs Player; with Market, when you log in, you automatically get access to the most up-to-date version of all of the published forms.

If you have questions about the new mndocs on HotDocs Market, take a look at one of the recorded webinars available here. There are also a number of FAQs answered on this page. There also is a live webinar scheduled for this Wednesday, June 3, at 8:30 AM. More information is available at

A representative from HotDocs Market will be in Minnesota on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. If you would like to meet with her, see a demo, and/or provide feedback on the new platform email

The MSBA would not be able to offer valuable services like mndocs and practicelaw without assistance and contributions from its members. If you would like to get involved and help develop and expand these resources, more information is available here. If you have questions or comments about content, or if you have suggestions for new forms, email