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Benefits of blogging

by Joe Kaczrowski | May 26, 2015

A recent post from Perceptio identified four reasons frequent blogging can help attorneys. Adding a blog to your website, and updating your content consistently, can lead to client acquisition, increased traffic, lead generation, and improved SEO. The post also include other helpful advice, like clearly identifying your target audience and including a call to action in your posts.

definition of blog

Blogs can appear in many different formats and obviously can focus on different topics. Blogs also can be updated at different intervals, depending on a number of factors. Once you decide to add a blog to your website you'll have to address some of the logistics (how often to post, who will post, how long each post should be, when to post, is there a general/consistent theme for the blog, etc.). Still not sure blogging is for you? Here are the four key statistics from the Perceptio article:

According to the article, fifty-seven percent of companies with a blog have acquired a client from that blog. While not specific to lawyers, over half of the companies in the sample is still a strong argument for blogging.

According to the article, once you have added twenty-one to fifty-four posts, you should see an increase in traffic of up to thirty percent. The article suggests two post a week as a good goal, although simple math suggests one post a week (i.e. 52 posts in a year) could still get you into the "sweet spot."

Once you get to fifty-two or more posts, traffic generally increases by up to seventy-seven percent.

Traffic to your site is good generally, but frequent blogging also can increase your search engine traffic and your SEO. According to the article, companies with blogs receive four hundred and thirty-four percent more indexed pages. More pages on your site with relevant and quality content improves your position with search engines.

Again not specific to lawyers, the article notes that marketers with blogs get sixty-seven percent more leads. More leads, of course, means a larger pool from which to find potential clients.

The MSBA maintains a number of blogs on its site, including this one (practiceblawg). The MSBA also has several blogs featuring member-generated content. The Legal Ethics blog, associated with the Legal Ethics eBook, is updated monthly by Bill Wernz. Probate and Trust Section members Richard Hawke and Eileen Day similarly post to the Federal Tax Update blog each month. The Small Firm Soapbox publishes several posts each month from members, including both regular contributors and guest authors.

Do you have a blog or contribute to one? Is there a blog (or blogs) you read regularly? If so, the MSBA wants to know. The MSBA recently added a new feature called MNblawgs, the goal of which is to create and maintain a comprehensive online listing of law blogs for MSBA members. If you would like your blog added to the list, or have another blog you think should be on the list, send an email to