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Quick & easy way to resize photo for MN Find a Lawyer profile

by Joe Kaczrowski | May 12, 2015

If you're one of the many members who recently got a new professional headshot at the MSBA's first headshot day last month, you may have noticed that the final image you received was high resolution, and too big to directly upload for use as your profile photo on MN Find a Lawyer (MSBA Directories have a size limit of 1 MB). Not to fear, there are many easy ways to resize the image.

You can use your email program to reduce the size of images. Simply right-click on the image file from Windows Explorer and choose the "Send to" option.  Then select "Mail recipient."

send to mail recipient from Explorer

An "Attach Files" dialog box will pop up presenting different options for the size of the attache image.

Attach files dialog box

By selecting the different options, you can see how large your attachment (or resized image) will be.

original size image file   vs.   reduced to 'large' size image file

Clicking the "Attach" button opens a new email message with the resized file attached.

new email with resized image attached

If you want, you can email the image to yourself. Otherwise simply right-click and choose "Save As..." or drag-and-drop the file to your desktop (or anywhere else you want). Once you've saved the file somewhere, you can now upload it to MN Find a Lawyer (and/or the MSBA Colleague Directory) using the button on the Edit Profile page.

Update Photo on Edit Profile page

There are, of course, other webpages and apps out there (just do a Google search for "photo resizer").