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Did you know there is more to practicelaw than just forms?  practicelaw is designed to be a repository of resources intended to help your practice.  Similarly, the MSBA’s practiceblawg is a blog for the Association to share with you how the MSBA can help you improve your efficiency and grow your practice.  The MSBA offers members a number of products and services and is always looking for ways to better serve its members and provide greater value.

Got questions, complaints, suggestions, or any thoughts in general?  Let us know: and Colleague Program revamped

by Joe Kaczrowski | Mar 02, 2015
Over twelve hundred members have checked out the new MN Find a Lawyer and MSBA Colleague Directories.  Have you?

In case you haven’t heard, this past January we launched two new online directories exclusively for members, one to facilitate member-to-member communication (MSBA Colleague Directory) and the other to help members grow their business (MN Find a Lawyer).  You can get more information and update your profile at

Momentum is building for these two latest MSBA member benefits.  Attorney members interested in client development realize the nature of hanging a shingle has taken on new meaning in this increasingly techno-centric world we live in today.  As Chris Head of DAEH Law PLLC and MSBA member offers, “My experience with the MSBA Directories has been great! It was easy to setup my profile since it’s linked to my MSBA account and it didn’t much effort or time to fill out my practice information. All I had to do was copy and paste established material and content from my firm website and various social media platforms. The Directories are just another great way to get your name out there, network with other attorneys and attract new business. The MSBA is an invaluable professional organization in my opinion and its future potential is looking even better with resources like these.”

This spring the MSBA is working on another major update to MN Find a Lawyer, the MSBA Colleague Directory, and the member profile page to address performance issues, add new functionality, and increase the value provided to members and the public.  Member feedback is critical to our success.  Should you have any feedback for us, good, bad or otherwise, please email Karol Engstrom Narum.