North Star Lawyers of Ramsey County

The Ramsey County Bar Association is proud to recognize members who provide 50 hours or more of pro bono legal services per year as North Star Lawyers.

Lawyers who serve low-income Minnesotans without charge should be celebrated. By generously donating their time and talent, they change lives. They help people who otherwise could not afford counsel achieve justice. For hours volunteered in calendar year 2021, the MSBA gave special recognition to members who provide 50 hours or more of legal services as defined in Rule 6.1(a), (b)(1) and (b)(2) of the Rules of Professional Conduct. This year, the following 87 RCBA members were certified as North Star Lawyers for their work in 2021.

Thank You, 2021 RCBA North Star Lawyers!

Willow Anderson

Landon Ascheman

Katherine Barrett Wiik

Walter Bauch

Sonja Beddow

David Best

Henry Blair

Caryn Boisen

Thomas Boyd

Katherine Boyle

Victoria Brenner

Daniel Bruzzone

Molly Bryant

Susan Buckley

Dea Cortney

Christine Courtney

David Dobmeyer

Sarah Driever

George R. Dunn

Samuel J. Edmunds

Sharon H. Fischlowitz

Scott Flaherty

Elizabeth Fors

R. Mark Frey

Cresston Gackle

Diane Galatowitsch

Susan Gallagher

Andrew Glasnovich

Jessica Gutierrez

Christy Hall

Haynes Hansen

Erich Hartmann

Shannon Hoagland

David Holt

Samantha Ivey

Jennifer Jameson

Brenda Joly

Phyllis Karasov

Allyson Kerr

Kathy Kimmel

Randall Kins

Steven Kirsch

Patrick Kratz

Eileen Krenner

Amy Krupinski

Wendy Legge

James Long

Sarah Lovegreen

Matthew Ludt

Maria Maier

Sharon Markowitz

Teresa McClain

Lawrence McDonough

Gregory Merz

Austin Miller

Maya Missaghi

Erik Money

Caroline Moos

Dan O'Connell

Rajin Olson

Alexander Park

Erika Peterson

Andrew Pieper

Bradley Prowant

Jennifer Pusch

Navin Ramalingam

Bridget-Michaele Reischl

Jack Rice

John Richardson

Paul Sand

Jill Sauber

Rachel Schromen

Sally Scoggin

Allison Seeley

Jessica Sharpe

Nicholas Sperling

Byron Starns

Amber Stavig

Jennifer J. Stevens

Timothy Thompson

Travis Thompson

William Tilton

Jessica Timmington Lindstrom

Zane Umsted

Michael W. Unger

Royee Vlodaver

Natalie Xiong

We know many more of you could be recognized. Members who report their voluntary service will be recognized as North Star Lawyers and included on the annual roster insert published in the May/June Bench & Bar magazine, as well as in other recognition opportunities.

Certification of your 2022 pro bono hours can be recorded here starting in January 2023. Law firms with multiple North Star lawyers can also certify on their behalf. Email us for more information.