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Government Relations

The MSBA is the collective, persuasive voice of the legal profession at the Capitol. Our year-round government relations staff joins with contract in-session lobbyists to vigorously advocate on behalf of our member attorneys and legal professionals.

In every budget cycle we give 
clear voice to the support of funding the justice system, working to ensure adequate funding for the courts, public defenders, and civil legal services. We also provide technical assistance to legislators and spearhead issues that are of interest or concern to the profession. 

For Members

The MSBA promotes an active legislative agenda. MSBA committees and sections often develop legislative proposals that are specific to a practice area. These proposals are taken to the Legislative Committee, or in in some cases, sections advance legislative positions in their own name. More Information

The Legislative Committee members are members of the Assembly who have been selected by the President.

The Capitol Connection published weekly during the Minnesota legislative session, is available to all members.

More information...

Please contact Sherri Knuth, Government Relations & Membership Engagement Director. (612) 278-6330.