MSBA survey: Most Minnesota solo/smalls offer alternative billing/service arrangements

alternative-billingA recent survey regarding alternative billing and service arrangements sent to MSBA members in solo/small practice yielded interesting results. Of the 450 respondents, 80 percent offer some sort of alternative billing arrangement or service model, with flat fees leading the charge. Limited scope services were also popular; sliding-scale fees and low bono arrangements less so. Asked what the MSBA could do to assist practitioners in this area, the top responsesinvolved CLE programs and forms. Respondents pointed to difficulties in determining what to charge clients, and noted that services often become more expensive than originally anticipated. Two focus groups will be held over the next month to obtain more in-depth information from members. The MSBA thanks Karin Ciano, chair of the Solo/Small Firm Section, for her assistance with the survey and the upcoming focus groups.