ADR Tip of the Month - November 2016

These tips are drawn from the November 8, 2016, MSBA CLE sponsored by the ADR Section:  "ADR in State Government," by speakers Commissioner Josh Tilsen (BMS), Richard Davis (MN DOT Ombuds), Madge Thorsen (MN DOE mediator), Keith Maurer (MN DOLI mediator/arbitrator), with Moderator Ben Lowndes (MN DOT). 

  • There are a variety of ways ADR processes are utilized in Minnesota state government. Should you or your client have an issue in which a state agency is involved, you may find that the agency has an ADR process that you could use in order to resolve the issue.
  • The Minnesota Department of Education has a mediation program to assist parents, students, and educations resolve disputes and produce an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that everyone agrees upon for special education students. For more on these services, please visit: 
  • The Bureau of Mediation Services is looking for ADR professionals to serve as labor mediators. If you are interested please feel free to contact Commissioner Josh Tilsen (
  • The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has ADR services for disputes related to worker's compensation issues. For more on these services, please visit:
  • The Minnesota Department of Transportation has an Ombudsman's Office to help informally address transportation-related issues between the public and the agency. For more on this office and their services, please visit:

CLE Credits:  Event Code: 231221; 1.0 standard CLE & ADR Rule 114 credit

Written by Ben Lowndes, MSBA ADR Section, Education Representative