ADR Tip of the Month - February 2015

February ADR Tip of the Month 

This practice tip is drawn from the MSBA ADR Section's February 10, 2015, ADR CLE, "DIY Divorce for 2015 and Beyond: Cooperative Private Divorce." 

  • The Cooperative Private Divorce bill is being presented in the MN Legislature this session.  It will offer divorcing couples a voluntary administrative alternative to the traditional court-based divorce.
  • When we change the cultural mindset that divorce is not a legal problem, it is a family problem, we offer divorcing families a wholly constructive process for their decision making. 
  • ADR professionals will have a new opportunity to bring peace, common sense and civility to divorcing families when the divorce process encourages and teaches cooperation and is private from public records.
  • ADR professionals will have the full backing of the law to assist couples to decide the best outcomes for their entire family with Cooperative Private Divorce. 

Written by Marilyn McKnight, Mediator, Trainer, Author (Erickson Mediation), one  of the panelists for the February 10, 2015, MSBA ADR CLE