The MSBA Construction Law Section has a robust legislative committee that works to advance the field of construction law. Each legislative session the MSBA Construction Law Legislative Committee identifies issues and areas of law that could be changed, revised, or updated in order to improve or clarify construction law. The Committee thoroughly vets legislative proposals and brings the final proposals to the Section Council, which makes a recommendation to the Section for consideration. If approved by the Section and the greater MSBA, members of the Construction Law Section are often asked to provide subject-matter testimony at the legislature.

Amicus Brief Subcommittee
The Amicus Brief Subcommittee submits briefs to address important points of law, practice or issues in construction law.  The Subcommittee has been invited to submit amicus briefs by the Minnesota Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and district court judges. More commonly, the committee sees cases or receives telephone calls from attorneys who are involved in or outraged by the decision. 
The submission of an amicus brief must be approved by the Section membership or, as frequently occurs because of operative time constraints, by the Executive Committee of the Section. The Chairs of the Amicus Committee must review cases for purposes of a recommendation for participation by the Section. For an informed recommendation, this usually entails obtaining the memoranda of law or briefs, underlying orders and miscellaneous pleadings.

Amicus Brief Subcommittee Guidelines

MSBA Section Manager
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