Annual Report

Antitrust Section
Annual Report 2021-2022

Section Membership

As of June 30, 2022 the Section has 131 members.

Financial Status

The Section had an account balance of $9,729.14 as of April 30, 2022.

CLEs & Events

The Section hosted 4 events in fiscal year 2021-22. 

Program Title


Event Code

CLE Credits





Antitrust Update from the MN Attorney General's Office Featuring Keith Ellison

June 8, 2022


1 Standard Credit



Recent Developments in Class Certification

April 28, 2022


1 Standard Credit




Antitrust and the Biden Administration

February 24, 2022


1 Standard Credit



Fall Social

September 28, 2022






Annual Meeting and Election Results

The Section’s Annual Meeting was held on June 8, 2022 and 54 people attended.

The following officers were elected to serve on the Section’s Governing Council for 7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023:

Joseph Meyer, Chair

Peter Schwingler, Vice-Chair

Isaac Hall, Secretary

David Cialkowski, Treasurer

Michelle Looby, Immediate Past Chair

The following council members were elected to serve on the Section’s Governing Council:

Joseph Bourne

David Ernst

Aaron Gott

Mark Jacobson

Ian McFarland

Brant Penney

Joshua Rissman

Mark Robbins

Erik Ruda

Anna Sallstrom

Jessica Servais

Cathy Smith

Molly Wilkens

Samia Young

Zachary Biesanz

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
What diversity, equity and inclusion goals did the Section include in the 2021-2022 work plan, how did you approach these goals, and what was the result?

The Council’s primary goal was to focus on making sure diverse speakers were represented in the Section’s CLEs.  In addition, the Council wanted to put on a CLE centered on diversity issues and create a Diversity Plan.

The Council excelled at its goal to focus on diverse speakers in its CLEs.  This goal was important because the antitrust bar, in general, is not particularly diverse so it can be more challenging than in other areas of the law to feature subject matter experts of diverse backgrounds.  This year, the Section put on three CLEs, with at least 50% of the presenters across these three CLEs being diverse attorneys, including its key-note presenter Attorney General Ellison.  The Section also achieved its second goal.  The CLE featuring Attorney General Ellison, while not solely focused on diversity issues, was specifically created to contain content focused on antitrust enforcements impact on people of diverse backgrounds.  The Section did not create a formal Diversity Plan, but that would be a great addition to next year’s work plan to ensure the Section’s diversity initiatives continue to be a focus of the Section for years to come.   

Other Section Accomplishments

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic continued to interfere with the Section’s ability to provide as many in-person networking and CLE programs as it would have liked to do this year.  That said, the Council was able to provide two in-person opportunities for Section members to network – the Fall Social at Surely Brewing and end of the year meeting and CLE featuring Attorney General Ellison. The Section was particularly excited to have the opportunity to have Attorney General Ellison speak in-person and interact with the Section members at the end of the year meeting and CLE. 

Submitted By:

Michelle Looby, Section Chair

Date: July 14, 2022