Probate and Trust Law Section

Section Committees

Several committees develop and implement the many programs of the Probate and Trust Law Section. Volunteers wishing to make a difference in the practice of probate and trust law in Minnesota are encouraged to contact the chairs of the committee on which they wish to serve. Please note that membership in some of the committees is limited.

Diversity Committee
Chair, Joshua Hillger

This committee is tasked with implementing and updating the Section’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan (initially adopted May 2015). The Plan seeks to ensure all members are able to fully and meaningfully participate in the Section and its work and to advance the Section’s progress towards a diverse membership and a culture of leadership that fosters inclusion.

Education Committee
Chair, Cameron Seybolt

The Education Committee develops, coordinates and presents programs to enhance the practice of Section members. Programs include the annual two-day Probate and Trust Law Section Conference and the Charitable Giving Institute.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility 
Chair, Laura Halferty 

This committee develops appropriate programs for probate and trust law practitioners to satisfy ethics and elimination of bias credits.

Federal Taxation
Co-Chairs, Richard Hawke and Eileen Day

The Federal Taxation Committee monitors and reports on federal legislation and IRS rules that impact the practice of estate planning.

Greater Minnesota Involvement
Chair, Brad Hanson

The Greater Minnesota Involvement Committee brings issues to and from Section members that practice outside of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. This important committee makes sure that issues specific to those who live in the far reaches of our great state are aired.

Gene Daly Award

The Gene Daly Award is awarded periodically to Section members that have made a strong, positive impact on the practice of estate planning in Minnesota.

Legislation Committee
Co-Chairs, Jason Schuller and Lauren Barron

The Legislation Committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding laws and rules that impact the practice of estate planning, probate and trust law in Minnesota. The section is active in the drafting of legislation and lobbying efforts related to new statutes and amendments to existing law.

Co-Chairs, Touch Thouk and Marya Robben

The mentoring committee is tasked with developing a mentoring program to provide outreach to lawyers that are new or less experienced in a probate and trust practice in order to expand the Section. The mentoring program will seek to leverage the depth and breadth of knowledge of the Section’s more experienced members to strengthen the interest and capabilities of other members.

Newsletter Committee
Chair, Emma Maddy

The Probate and Trust Law Newsletter is a primary vehicle for informing Section members of the activities of the Section. Volunteers are needed to compile information, provide articles and maintain this important resource.

Litigation Committee
Co-Chairs, Alan Silver and Bridget Logstrom Koci

The Litigation Committee has two functions: it monitors and reports on important court decisions and initiates legal challenges when Section leadership deems it appropriate.

Chair, Richard Baum

The Technology Committee maintains the Section website and is developing the Practicelaw website, an Internet toolbox for Section members. Both computer-savvy and non-computer-savvy volunteers are needed to provide content and expertise for these two sites.

Wills For Heroes
Chair, Susan Link