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Labor & Employment Law E-News - Volume 29, Issue 1

by Kayla Erbach | Mar 28, 2017
Labor & Employment Law E-News
Spring 2017 | Volume 29, Issue 1


  • Eighth Circuit Holds Obesity Isn’t a Disability
  • Eighth Circuit Holds Employer Could Require Employee Submit to Medical Exam Based on His BMI
  • Eighth Circuit Holds Employee Can’t Ask for His Disability to Be Taken into Account in Determining Level of Discipline After He Engaged in Misconduct
  • Employer Who Required Employee to Go To Anger Management Classes Did Not Regard Him as Disabled
  • EEOC Issues Final Rules on Wellness Programs
  • EEOC Issues New Regulations on Leave as a Reasonable Accommodation
  • Read more… ADA



  • Chairman’s Statement that the Employer was Looking for a ‘New Face’ for the Plaintiff’s Position Was Facially Neutral
  • Summary Judgment for Employer Where Employee Committed Numerous Violations of Policy
  • Court Confirms ADEA Claims Not Subject to Heightened Pleading Standard
  • Employer Not Required to Find Alternative Position for Employee Under ADEA
  • Eighth Circuit Holds Plaintiff Did Not Present Proper Comparator Evidence Because Comparators Had Not Engaged in Workplace Violence
  • Eighth Circuit Upholds Summary Judgment For Employer Where Plaintiff Did Not Raise an Inference of Discrimination
  • Read more… ADEA


Federal Labor Management

  • Board Decisions Regarding Contingent Employment – Staffing Agencies, Subcontractors and Independent Contractors
    • A User Employer is a Joint Employer with a Supplier Employer Where They Are Both Employers Within Meaning of Common Law and They Share or Co-Determine Matters Governing the Essential Terms and Conditions of Employment
    • Company and Staffing Agency Are Joint Employers Where There is Likelihood the Company Would Maintain Control Over Terms and Conditions of Employment on Future Projects
    • Employer Consent No Longer Required For Employees to Obtain a Representation Election in a Bargaining Unit That Contains Both Solely and Jointly Employed Employees of a Single Employer.
    • Division of Advice Issues Guidance Calling for Strengthening the NLRA’s Protections of Employees Who Are Misclassified as Independent Contractors.
  • Board Decisions Involving Higher Education
    • For a Religious Exemption to the NLRA, a University Must Demonstrate That It Holds Itself Out as Providing a Religious Educational Environment.
    • Board Declines to Assert Jurisdiction Over University Football Players.
    • Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants Working at Private Colleges and Universities Are Employees Within the Meaning of the NLRA
  • Concerted Activity Cases
    • Employer Violated the NLRA By Discharging an Employee for Engaging in a Conversation About Job Security With Fellow Employees
    • Filing a Class Action Lawsuit is Concerted Protected Activity Under the NLRA
    • Unlawful for Employer to Prohibit Employees from Recording Meetings or Conversations at Work
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State Employment Law Decisions

  • Eighth Circuit Holds that MDATWA applies to Employers Who Meet the ‘Significant Contacts’ Personal Jurisdiction Test in Minnesota
  • Court of Appeals Holds That Filing a Complaint of Discrimination With Employer’s Human Resources Department Tolled Statute of Limitations
  • District of Minnesota Finds that Plaintiff’s MHRA Claims Are Pre-Empted By the LMRA and ERA
  • Three Cases Deal With the post-Amendment Definition of ‘Good Faith’ Under the MWA
  • No Requirement Under the MWCA for a Retaliatory Discharge Claim That the Plaintiff Must Show There Was an Actual or Attempted Obstruction of Workers’ Compensation Benefits by the Employer
  • Being Placed on Indefinite Leave of Absence is an Adverse Employment Action for Purposes of the MWCA
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State and Local Legislation

  • Minneapolis and St. Paul Pass Paid Sick Leave Ordinances
  • Minnesota Veteran’s Preference Act Amended
  • State Minimum Wage Increases
  • Paid Family Leave Does Not Pass
  • Read more… State and Local Legislation



  • Denial of Leave Request Following Exhaustion of FMLA Leave Is Not Discriminatory
  • Light Duty Work Does Not Interfere With Leave if Not a Condition of Employment
  • Liquidated Damages Not Limited By After-Acquired Evidence
  • FMLA Interference Where Employer Failed to Calculate Mandatory Overtime Hours
  • Read more… FMLA


Title VII

  • Eight Circuit Reverses Dismissal of Sexual Harassment Claim for Trucker
  • Eighth Circuit Holds Denial of a Sought-After Transfer is an Adverse Employment Action
  • Eighth Circuit Upholds Denial of Reinstatement and Front Pay to Plaintiff Awarded Only $1 in Back Pay By Jury in Race Discrimination Case
  • Plaintiff Judicially Estopped from Pursuing Employment Claims He Failed to Disclose in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Divided Eighth Circuit Panel Upholds Dismissal of Pro Se Plaintiff’s Complaint of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation on Motion to Dismiss
  • Summary Judgment to Employer Proper on Race Discrimination Claim Where Racist Comments Not Directly Connected to Plaintiff’s Employment or His Termination
  • Discriminatory Wrongdoer Must Knowingly Dupe Decisionmaker into Taking Adverse Action for Cat’s Paw Liability to Apply
  • Read more… Title VII



  • Pending Changes to FLSA Overtime Regulations Put on Hold
  • Court Dismisses Claim on Summary Judgment, Finding Evidence Insufficient to Support Reasonable Inference of Unpaid Overtime
  • FLSA Executive Exemption Applies to ‘Team Leaders’ Lacking Ability to Hire or Fire
  • Summary Judgment for Employer in Donning and Doffing Case Despite Expired CBA
  • Motor Carrier Act Exemption Bars Wage Claims Against Trucking Company
  • Read more… FLSA


Public Sector

  • Supreme Court Affirms Ninth Circuit Ruling That Collection of Agency Fees by an Exclusive Representative from Objecting Non-Members Does Not Violate the First Amendment
  • Supreme Court Holds That When a Public Employer Demotes an Employee Out of a Desire to Prevent the Employee from Engaging in Protected Political Activity, Employee Entitled to Challenge the Action Under First Amendment
  • Minnesota Supreme Court Holds That Public Information Under the MGDPA Does Not Become Private Because it is Duplicative of Information Held in Confidential Materials; Deputy Commissioners Entitled to Absolute Immunity for Defamation Claims for Statements Made Within Scope of Statutory Authority
  • Under MGDPA, Video Recordings from Buses are Only Private Personnel Data if the Videos are Exclusively Maintained for the Purpose of Monitoring Employees
  • Police Officer Not Entitled to Official Immunity for an Incident in Which He Left Squad Car Unlocked with Engine Running in Violation of City Ordinance and Department Policy
  • Contractor Retained By City to Serve as City Engineer Was Entitled to Official Immunity from Tort Liability and City Enjoyed Vicarious Official Immunity
  • School District Immune from Vicarious Liability for Sexual Abuse that was Outside of Coach-Employee’s Scope of Employment and Was Not Foreseeable
  • Charter School Not a Public Corporation Subject to Appellate Jurisdiction Via Writ of Certiorari
  • Read more… Public Sector


Unemployment Compensation

  • Employee’s Swearing and Rude, Unprofessional Behavior During Last Year of Her 10-Year Employment Did Not Constitute Misconduct
  • Employer Calling Relator a Racial Slur Did Not Excuse Relator’s Reaction
  • Relator’s Unprofessional Name Calling and Threats Constituted Misconduct
  • Read more… Unemployment Compensation




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