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Inti Martínez-Alemán

Ceiba Fôrte Law Firm
1053 Dale St. N, Suite 201
Saint Paul, MN 55117
Litigation, Business/Corporate, Contracts, Landlord/Tenant, Small Business, Consumer Law, Discrimination, Civil Rights, Employment & Labor Issues, Real Estate
We are 100% friendly to Alternative Fee Arrangements.
Unbundled Services: Yes
Flat Fee Services: Yes
Sliding Scale Fees: Yes
I represent Latinos in civil and business law matters, ranging from employment and landlord-tenant to small business startups and litigation.

In May 2016, I obtained my second law degree (JD) from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. Prior to law school in the US, I practiced law in the Republic of Honduras, where I remain licensed. In fall 2016, I launched Ceiba Forte Law Firm, PLLC, serving the Minnesota Latino population in civil matters under low bono fee arrangements. I am now licensed in New York State, where I also practice civil and business law for Latinos (though mostly remotely).

Notate bene: (1) I do not take many immigration law cases. (2) I already have a financial planner. (3) I am not interested in working anywhere else or hiring staff.
MN 10/28/2016
NY 09/06/2017
New York
HCBA Civil Litigation
HCBA Labor and Employment Law
HCBA Landlord/Tenant
HCBA New Lawyers Section
HCBA Solo and Small Firm
New Lawyers
RCBA New Lawyers
Solo and Small Firm Law
Mitchell Hamline School of Law

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