Meet HCBA Member Barry Landy

by Bethany Lenderink | Feb 21, 2020
“Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find where the right place is for you to grow your legal practice, but once you find it, it feels great and makes you excited about practicing law.” For HCBA member Barry Landy, that right place has been practicing law as a trial lawyer at Ciresi Conlin.

Landy grew up watching his mother practice law as a personal injury attorney, which sparked his interest in law. “I always thought I’d end up going to law school.” After studying political science and business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he spent time in Washington, D.C. working for a U.S. Senator before returning to the University of Minnesota Law School.

Landy credits joining Ciresi Conlin as one of the best moves in his professional career. “We work on large, complex matters on both sides of the “v”—but in small groups, with people we know well and trust. Through our years together, we have learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The other attorneys in my office are not just my colleagues, they are my close friends.”

Through his practice, Landy has learned what it means to give one’s best in every aspect of a case and is a tenacious advocate for his clients. “I always say that we can’t control the results as trial lawyers. But we can control the process. We have to feel good in what we do and knowing that we left it all out on the field. Knowing I gave my all to working on behalf of my clients and gaining their trust is the most important and satisfying aspect of practicing law for me.” Giving one’s all is something that translates to all areas of Landy’s practice. He believes in always being ethical, respectful, and working hard to provide his clients with the best representation possible.

Landy could not have developed his practice on his own. He gives a lot of credit to the many mentors he has had over the years, including Mike Ciresi, Jan Conlin, and Katie Crosby Lehmann at his firm. In addition, United States District Judge Susan Richard Nelson, for whom Landy served as a judicial law clerk, has become a lifelong mentor, and was the first to encourage Landy to get involved with the HCBA.

Landy’s leadership involvement with the HCBA began when he was asked to co-chair the Civil Litigation Section. From there, he continued to get more involved, becoming the sections representative to the board—a position he’s held for four years. “I like to advocate on behalf of the sections because we are the face of the organization to the vast majority of members. I want to make sure the board hears things that are and are not going well for the sections.” As co-chair, Landy focuses on trying to increase the sense of community within the section and to create a space where people can get to know each other, participate in engaging programming, and develop excitement for participation within the bar association. The section started creating Practice Pointers and also led a weekly meditation group that they are hoping to start up again soon.

Above all, Landy treasures the connections he’s made through the association. “By far and away the most valuable part of the HCBA for me are the connections I’ve made through meeting other lawyers in different practice areas, as well as my practice area. Being able to communicate with individuals who do similar work as me has been a great benefit. It makes practicing in Minnesota more of a community. When you’re appearing in court, you might know your opposing counsel because of work that you’ve done with the HCBA, which not only helps make it so you can work with the other side well, but can be better for your client, too.”

Landy wants to encourage members of the legal community to get involved in the HCBA. “It’s great no matter what type of practice you’re in. If you’re in a corporate practice or a litigation practice, there is room for you at the bar association. We want you to get involved. We want to hear your feedback. We understand that it is a financial commitment and we are committed to making sure you get value out of your membership. We want you to continue being a member throughout all stages of your practice.”