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The Minnesota system of tax justice relies on two primary promises embodied in the missions of the Minnesota Department of Revenue and the Minnesota Tax Court: that everyone will report, pay, and receive the right amount of tax, no more and no less; and that the court will provide timely and equitable disposition of appeals from tax orders.

But while all Minnesotans are affected by the tax system, many Minnesotans are not familiar with their rights and responsibilities regarding that system—whether when filling out their tax forms, challenging tax orders or property tax assessments, or understanding the collections process. This conference recognizes the existence of ongoing institutional barriers to tax justice and seeks to dismantle those barriers by addressing the tax issues faced by low-income taxpayers, non-native English speakers, and other underserved communities.

The conference will bring together representatives of a variety of tax institutions and community-based groups to present solutions, receive feedback, share resources, and launch a continuing conversation. The conference is especially aimed at law students, tax professionals, accountants, and anyone looking to volunteer in a space where representation can make a big difference.

1:30 PM  Keynote Address: Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

2:00 PM  Creating Better Access to Tax Justice

This presentation will feature representatives of the main institutions tasked with implementing and resolving disputes with Minnesota’s taxation system.

Minnesota Tax Court (featuring Wendy S. Tien, Chief Judge; and Nate Freeman, law clerk)
Minnesota Department of Revenue (featuring Sarah Bronson, assistant commissioner; and Jake Feneis, supervisor of the Income Tax and Withholding Division)

3:00 PM  Break

Coffee and light snacks will be provided for in-person participants.

3:15 PM  Working Groups and Breakout Rooms

Participants will react to and evaluate the earlier presentations by the AG’s office, tax court, and DOR. They will also be asked to suggest additional areas of concern and possible solutions; identify non-institutional sources of obstacles (such as exorbitant tax preparation fees, confusing credits and deductions, etc.); and develop questions for the upcoming panel discussion.

3:45 PM  Panel Discussion: Resources for Tax Justice

The panel discussion will feature several stakeholders and members of community organizations. The panelists will explain what resources their organizations provide, where additional support is needed, and how to get involved.

Wendy Rozinka, IRS Local Taxpayer Advocate
Alexander Korzhen, Past Tax Section Chair
Alejandro Valenzuela Jr., Prepare + Prosper
Aisha Servaty, Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid
Moderator: Kathleen Pfutzenreuter, MSBA Tax Law Section Chair

4:45 Closing Remarks

There will be an informal happy hour after the event, location TBD.

COVID-19 Response:

Vaccination and masks are required for in-person attendees.


Free for all to attend.

CLE Credit:

2.0 Elimination of Bias and 1.0 Standard CLE Credits Approved | Event Code: 418639


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Friday, November 5, 2021

1:30 PM to 5:00 PM

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