Tim Goodman

Minnesota Justice Foundation Donor


Tim Goodman and his wife, Anne, have provided financial support to the Minnesota Justice Foundation for 25 years. Tim joined the MJF Board of Directors as a 1L at the University of Minnesota Law School. “When I started law school,” he recalls, “I learned about MJF’s work and decided to become involved. I saw firsthand how important fundraising is to MJF’s work. Connecting with individuals and convincing them to donate to MJF means a law student can receive a small stipend to work at a legal aid clinic; it funds the salary for an MJF staff attorney who arranges pro bono placements and reaches out to students; and it allows law students and others to train high school students on street law. 

“Connecting with individuals also means sharing MJF’s story, its mission, and its work. Hearing the law student experiences, learning the difference they make, and knowing that this work can lead to a lifetime commitment to pro bono service has led me to donate to MJF year after year.”

Goodman has backed up his enthusiastic support for the mission of MJF by serving the board in a variety of leadership positions, including treasurer, vice-president, and president. He has also put his legal expertise to work for MJF by drafting several benefits plans for the organization.