Sarah Davis

Loan Repayment Assistance Program of Minnesota Donor


Sarah Davis is a new donor to the Loan Repayment Assistance Program of Minnesota (LRAP). LRAP Minnesota helps reduce the education debt burden experienced by dedicated public interest lawyers who represent low-income clients seeking legal services to secure essential needs like food, shelter, and safety, and fundamental rights like equal access to justice.

Davis said she donates to LRAP for a simple reason: “I can’t think of a more critical program to support effective advocacy for people whose circumstances would not otherwise allow them to have an attorney.”

LRAP helped Davis make her student loan payments until her loans were forgiven last year through Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Without the burden of student loan debt, Sarah can commit to a career helping at-risk youth at the Legal Rights Center. Her philanthropic support for LRAP is helping to sustain the work of other attorneys in careers they love.