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Elections/Appointments Committee

Current Openings

The following elections will take place at the April 20, 2018 meeting of the Assembly.  Any Association member who is interested should submit a Qualifications and Interest Statement to the MSBA office by Friday, March 30.

Client Security Board -- The term of Daniel Tollefson, Sherburne County, expires June 30, 2018.  Mr. Tollefson has served one term and is eligible to serve an additional term.

State Board of Continuing Legal Education – The terms of Craig Dokken, Hennepin County, and Brett Olander, Ramsey County, expire June 30, 2018.  Mr. Dokken and Mr. Olander have served two terms and are not eligible to serve an additional term.

Legal Services Advisory Committee -- The term of Patrick Burns, Ramsey County, expires July 1, 2018.  Mr. Burns has served two terms and is not eligible to serve an additional term.

Bar Admissions Advisory Council
– The terms of Landon Ascheman, Ramsey County, Jeanine Hill, Hennepin County, and David Schultz, Ramsey County, expire July 1, 2018.  They are eligible to serve additional terms.

Central Minnesota Legal Services – The terms of Amy Sauter and Patrick O'Donnell expires April 30, 2018.  Ms. Sauter and Mr. O'Donnell are eligible to serve additional terms.

MSBA/ABA Delegates – The terms of Frederick Finch, Hennepin County, Patrick Kelly, Ramsey County, Susan Holden, Hennepin County, and Cara Lee Neville, Hennepin County, expire at the end of the ABA meeting in August.  Mr. Kelly has served three terms and is not eligible to serve an additional term.  Mr. Finch, Ms. Holden and Ms. Neville are eligible to serve additional terms. 

Any questions can be submitted to Joni Fenner


The Elections/Appointments Committee reviews Qualifications and Interest Statements submitted by members interested in serving on outside boards and related positions.  Through that review and short interviews, the Committee develops recommendations for the Assembly to fill positions on a variety of boards.  

Positions filled through this process include:

  • MSBA Secretary (At-Large seat under Bylaw 9.2.3)
  • Three Assembly Representative on the Council (Bylaw 7.2)
  • MCLE Board
  • Minnesota State Bar Foundation Board of Directors
  • Minnesota Supreme Court Boards:
    • Bar Admissions Advisory Council (3 seats)
    • Client Security Board (3 seats)
    • Lawyers Trust Account Board (3 seats)
    • Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (6 seats)
    • Legal Services Advisory Committee (4 seats)
    • Board of Continuing Legal Education (6 seats)
    • Board of Legal Certification (3 seats)
  • Legal Services Boards:
    • Anishinabe Legal Services
    • Central Minnesota Legal Services
    • Southern Minnesota Legal Services
  • MSBA Delegates to the ABA
2017-18 Committee
Chair:  Sam Edmunds
Staff Liaison:  Joni Fenner