Solo - A Law Practice Story

Join an adventure into the solo attorney world and hear from two attorneys who have made the jump to light speed (and, perhaps, escaped the Empire). Told in the spirit of the recent movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” attorneys John Meyer and Bethany Danner hope to provide some insight for those who may be thinking of starting their own law firm or solo practice, including why going solo is great (but maybe not so great for everyone). John and Bethany will discuss why they made the choice to go solo (are there more choices than just Rebel or Empire?), what they have learned along the way (what the heck is a parsec, anyway?), what tools are available for starting a law practice (blaster or lightsaber?), and how to focus your networking efforts (does a Wookie really make a good copilot?)

This CLE is approved for credit through April 14, 2021.

Bethany Danner | Danner Legal
John Meyer | Meyer Law PLLC

CLE Credits:

1.0 Standard CLE Credit approved | Event Code: 270534

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Non-MSBA Members:  $64.95



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