Protecting Trade Secrets and Winning Cases Under the Defend Trade Secrets Act

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This talk will explain how to protect trade secrets under the Defend Trade Secrets Act (“DTSA”) by satisfying the DTSA requirement of “tak[ing] reasonable measures to keep . . . information secret,” including the use of important representations and warranties in business transaction agreements.

This talk will also discuss strategies for winning DTSA cases, through proving (or disproving) trade secret status, and misappropriation under the DTSA, by leveraging: (a) The DTSA’s strong policy in favor of uniformity; and (b) 35 years of case law under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (“UTSA”) from the 48 UTSA States.

This CLE is approved for credit through April 24, 2019.

Product Description:

Patrick Huston graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with High Honors and was admitted to Phi Beta Kappa.  He went on to graduate from Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago.  Since then, he has litigated business and trade secret cases with several distinguished law firms, including the international firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.

Juris Publishing recently published Patrick’s 4,000 page treatise, The Law of Trade Secret Litigation Under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.  The treatise organizes, analyzes, and synthesizes, all of the 48 UTSA adopting states’ published cases (state and federal), which construe the UTSA as to three issues: (1) Is the information at issue a trade secret under the UTSA? (2) Did the defendant’s actions constitute misappropriation under the UTSA? (3) What are the appropriate remedies for the misappropriation under the UTSA?

Patrick is a principal in The Huston Law Firm, in San Diego, California, where he serves as a trade secret litigation consultant.
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