Autonomous Vehicles- Driving Liability Assessments, Shifting Legal Fault, and Steering Criminal and Privacy Implications

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Self-driving vehicles are coming — and in some respects, they're already here. Our roads already have vehicles with automated-driving technologies, and this fall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released guidelines that seek to further accelerate the technology's adoption and deployment. As such, lawyers, judges, lawmakers, and policymakers must decide how they will react to this seismic societal shift: laissez faire, allowing development through common law, or proactively shaped through regulation or legislation?
This CLE will discuss many of the most-pressing aspects of automated driving:
• Automated driving's current and proposed state and federal laws and regulations
• Potential effects on liability, including factors that will affect insurers, personal-injury attorneys, and product-liability litigators.
• Discussions about algorithmic driving decisions' effect on injuries, deaths, and liability
• Criminal implications when legal code can be enforced through computer code
• Privacy implications when manufacturers collect driving data and log trip routes. Can governments access them? Can advertisers use them to re-direct routes?
• Ethical implications when algorithms might determine who survives a crash, and who doesn't. How should those decisions be made?

Damien Riehl will analyze these topics and more, as we discuss the legal implications of what the NHTSA says may be "the greatest personal transportation revolution since the popularization of the personal automobile nearly a century ago."

This CLE is approved for credit through May 26, 2019.

Product Description:

Damien Riehl is a technology lawyer with a background in legal software design and development. After clerking for the chief judges of the Minnesota Court of Appeals and U.S. District Court in Minnesota, he litigated for a decade with Robins Kaplan. He practices in data privacy (CIPP/US), copyright, trademarks, business torts, breaches of contract, antitrust, financial litigation, and appeals.

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1.0 Standard CLE Credit approved | Event Code: 237012

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