Friedrichs and the Zombie Apocalypse: The First Amendment Impact of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

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The Friedrichs case had public sector advocates on the edge of their seats, and the decision was a somewhat anti-climactic 4-4 affirming existing law.  What brought this question into the limelight, and what is the path forward for public sector employees?

This program covers the origins of the requirement that non-union members of a public sector collective bargaining unit pay fees to defray the cost of union representation.  The Supreme Court decision that protected this requirement, Abood v. the Detroit Board of Education, is rooted in the Court’s jurisprudence on the depth and breadth of employee’s First Amendment rights as they apply in a public workplace.  That decision was under review this year, and many court watchers believed that it would be reversed by the Roberts Court.  This discussion teases out the path of the Court’s jurisprudence on the First Amendment rights of public sector employees on the job to test the rationale for overturning Abood.  For public sector workers and the unions that represent them, and move away from this nearly forty year old precedent represents a very real threat to their efforts to bargain collectively at work.

This CLE is approved for credit through July 21, 2018.

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Meg Luger | Attorney, Education Minnesota 
Prior to her work with Education Minnesota Meg was an associate with Gregg Corwin, where she honed her skills as a public sector labor lawyer.  She has also worked with Miller O'Brien representing employees and unions in a variety of industries, and in the public and private.  In addition to her work in judicial and administrative proceedings, Meg has represented individual and union clients in arbitration often.

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