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Annual Report

Section Membership
As of June 22, 2012, the New Lawyers Section has 3724 members. That is about a 10% decrease in membership since this time last year.

Financial Status
The New Lawyers Section had an account balance of $2,166 as of May 31, 2012. 

Continuing Legal Education Programs and Social Events
The Section hosted nine CLE programs in fiscal year 2011-12. In addition the New Lawyers Section also hosted four formal social events and many more casual happy hours throughout the year.  As in prior years, the NLS hosted a Winter Tri-Bar Social and a Spring Tri-Bar Social (this year’s Spring Social was also coordinated with the “Touch 10,000” initiative of the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division, making it the first ever “Quad Bar” Social).  The Section also hosted a fashion show.  Finally, the Section hosted the New Lawyers Social at the Crown Plaza hotel at Day 9 of the MSBA’s Unconventional Convention.

Program Date

Program Title

CLE Event Code and Credit

# of Attendees


Social Security Claim Representation 101 (co-sponsored w/Social Security Disability & New Lawyers)

159132 / 2.0 Standard



Assaults 101: From File to Finish (co-sponsored with the Criminal Law Section)

160156 / 1.0 Standard



Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Courtroom: A Conversation with Judge John Q. McShane

162090 / 1.0 Standard



Tri-Bar Winter Social and Toys For Tots Fundraiser




Big E…Little E… Ethics and the Young Lawyer

162927 / 1.0 Ethics



Getting and Keeping Clients: Marketing Your Law Practice in a Tight Economy

162928 / 1.0 Standard



Mediation and Arbitration In Practice - Best Practices and Basics for New Lawyers

164052 / 1.0 Standard



New Lawyers Section POST-BAR SOCIAL




The ABCs of Federal Consumer Credit Protection

164759 / 1.0 Standard



Get to Know Elder Law (co-sponsor with the Elder Law Section)

165178 / 1.0 Standard



Coffee Hour




Section Social with a Fashion Show




Run Your Practice Like a Successful Business (co-sponsor with the PM&M Section)

166114 / 1.0 Law Office Management



Section Annual Meeting and CLE




Quad-Bar Spring Social




Coffee Hour



Legislation and Amicus Briefs
The New Lawyers Section did not submit any legislative proposals or amicus briefs in the 2011-12 term.

Annual Meeting and Election Results
The New Lawyers Section annual meeting was held at 5:30 p.m. on May 10, 2012, at the Minnesota State Bar Association offices in Minneapolis, MN.

The following individuals were elected to serve as Officers in 2012-13:

Chair: Sam Edmunds
Vice Chair: Margie Meier
Treasurer: Jen Santini
Secretary: Donika Pentcheva

The following individuals will serve as the Section’s MSBA Assembly representative and alternate in 2012-13:

Representative: Charlie Delbridge
Alternate: Margie Meier

Other Section Accomplishments

ABA Involvement

The Section sent members to all four ABA Young Lawyers Division conferences that occurred during the 2011-2012 bar year.  Additionally, a number of Section members serve on leadership positions within the Young Lawyers Division.  The Section is looking forward to the Young Lawyers Division’s Spring Conference in 2013, which is being held in the Twin Cities.

Hearsay Newsletter

The Section released three editions of its online publication, “Hearsay,” during the 2011-2012 bar year.  And the summer edition of Hearsay is currently being compiled.

Social Media

The Section has increased its social media presence this year.  We are active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  These social media platforms help us to get the word out about our meetings, CLEs, and social events.  The Section has 196 Twitter followers; 138 people “like” the Section’s Facebook page; and the Section’s LinkedIn group has 132 members.

Submitted By:
Charlie Delbridge, Section Chair



MSBA New Lawyers Section
Annual Report

Section Membership
As of May 26, 2011, the New Lawyers Section has 4,111 members.

Financial Status
The New Lawyers Section had an account balance of $4,576.00 as of April 30, 2011. 

Continuing Legal Education Programs and Social Events
The Section hosted nine CLE programs in fiscal year 2010-11.  In addition, the Section sponsored a Serving Our Seniors program for its new pro bono program and hosted a financial planning program for Section members.

The New Lawyers Section also hosted three formal social events and many more casual happy hours throughout the year.  The December holiday social benefited Toys for Tots and the spring Tri-Bar Social benefited Teens Alone in Hopkins, MN.  The Section also sponsored the New Lawyers Social at Target Field at Day 9 of the MSBA’s Unconventional Convention.

Program Date

Program Title

CLE Event Code and Credit

# of Attendees


Drafting Wills and Trusts: The Basics (with the assistance of the Probate & Trust Section)

148975; 1.0 Standard



Serving Our Seniors Training




Tri-Bar Social and Toys for Tots Fundraiser




Divorce 101 (with the assistance of the Family Law Section)

151461; 1.0 Standard



Effective Corporate Witnesses and Representatives

152094; 1.0 Standard



Innovative Financial Planning for Attorneys: Understanding Your Financial Options in Uncertain Times




Serving Our Seniors Training




DWI: Start to Finish (co-sponsored with the Criminal Law Section)

153255; 1.0 Standard



Gender-Based Persecution as a Basis for Asylum (co-sponsored with Immigration, New Lawyers and AILA)

153762; 1.0 Standard



Legal Ethics

153533; 1.0 Ethics



An Introduction to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

154308; 1.0 Standard



Hanging Your Own Shingle (co-sponsored with Solo and Small Firm Section)

154574; 1.0 LOM and 0.5 Ethics



Effective Deposition Techniques: What litigators can learn from modern film and television clips
(co-sponsored with Civil Litigation Section)

154563; 1.0 Standard



Tri-Bar Social and Teens Alone Fundraiser




Annual Meeting and Elections *




9 Days in June Social



* The New Lawyers Section holds monthly meetings.  Attendance at those meetings ranges from 15 to 30 members.

Legislation and Amicus Briefs
The New Lawyers Section did not submit any legislative proposals or amicus briefs in the 2010-11 term.

Annual Meeting and Election Results
The New Lawyers Section annual meeting was held at 5:30 p.m. on May 19, 2011, at the Minnesota State Bar Association offices in Minneapolis, MN.

The following individuals were elected to serve as Officers in 2011-12:

Chair:              Charles Delbridge
Vice Chair:     Samuel Edmunds
Treasurer:     Margie Meiers
Secretary:      Jennifer Santini

The Section Council is not elected by the membership, but is comprised of individuals elected to other positions within the organization and individuals appointed by the Chair to each of the Section’s Standing Committees. The following individuals will serve on the Section Council in 2011-12:

Charlie Delbridge, Sam Edmunds, Margie Meier, Jennifer Santini, Mathea Bulander, Joe Larson, Elise Peterson, Jaimie Palmer, Anne Stoudt, Mike Goodwin, Munazza Humayun, Christina Weber, Jennifer Lurken, and Michael Miller

The following individuals will serve as the Section’s MSBA Assembly representative and alternate in 2011-12:

Representative:  Christina Weber
Alternate: TBD

Other Section Accomplishments

  1. Serving Our Seniors – Serving our Seniors was a program introduced by the ABA  Young Lawyers Division to provide basic estate planning services to the elderly.  The program was modeled after the Wills for Heroes program, which is prolific here in Minnesota.  Sam Edmunds, Treasurer in 2010-2011 did a wonderful job implanting this program in Minnesota.  He organized three events throughout the Metro area and the Section was able to assist approximately 40 senior citizens prepare their estate plans. 
  2. ABA Involvement – Approximately 10 members of the New Lawyers Section attended various ABA conferences over the course of the year.  Additionally, Sitso Bediako, chaired the Touch 10,000 Program, formed by the ABA Membership Committee.  Mr. Bediako organized numerous meet and greet events in order to introduce the ABA to law students and new lawyers.
  3. Hearsay (online publication)– The Hearsay editors are currently compiling the third edition for the year. 
  4. Social Media – The New Lawyers Section is looking for as many ways as possible to reach its members.  The section created a Facebook account last year, but did a great deal to revamp the page this year and add more information to the page. 

Submitted By:
Christina Weber, Section Chair



MSBA’s New Lawyers Section (NLS) Annual Report


Farewell to another successful Bar year!  I can’t believe how fast the last year has gone.  This will be my last letter to you as Chair as I turn the reins over to the very capable hands of Christina Weber.  She will do an excellent job.

I am very proud of all the work we did this year as a Section.  This year can really be summed up in one word:  teamwork.  I could not have worked with a better team of people.  They were dedicated, diligent, and reliable.  To everyone on the leadership team this year, a big THANK YOU.

To start, we kicked off the year with the major undertaking of re-drafting our Section Bylaws.  Thank you to Charlie Delbridge and Sam Edmunds for their tireless work on this effort.  The outcome is a much improved, practical set of rules that will be an asset to the Section for many years to come.

Starting in October, we offered monthly, free CLEs to our members.  The CLE committee co-chairs Margie Meier and Mathea Bulander put together a fantastic series of CLEs with a variety of topics representing an array of interests and practice areas.  We also started the year with our first ever Membership Outreach Committee.  The co-chairs Todd Schenck and Chrissy Mann helped get our information to the masses through social media and law school connections.  You can now find MSBA NLS on Facebook and Twitter.  So, follow us!

Our community service chair, Jessica Slattery Karich, did a tremendous job coming up with ways for us to serve and getting everything organized this year.  Throughout the fall, we collected coats, hats, and scarves for Bundle Up and donated the goods to the Lewis House in Eagan.   In December, the Section participated in the Santa Run, which raised money for Legal Aid.  It was a cold run down Nicollet Mall, but well worth it. Also in December, we hosted our annual Winter Tri-Bar Social and Toys for Tots fundraiser at Nami.  Jessica, along with Chanel Melin our Social Chair, did a great job organizing the event.  The food was delicious, the networking excellent, and we brought in lots of toys and money for Toys for Tots!

In the Spring, Chanel helped organize another Tri-Bar Social, this time at The Liffey in St. Paul.  While the weather was cool, we still had good turnout and raised much needed funds for Second Harvest Heartland.  At the end of April, we had our final community service event at Feed My Starving Children in Eagan.  It was a very successful event and one that we hope to do again in the future.

Finally, we ended the year with our big Nine Day social at the Nine Days in June event at Target Field on June 24th.  It was an excellent event with free drinks, dessert, and the best views in downtown Minneapolis. 

It is with bittersweet emotions that I finish my term as Chair of the Section.  It has been a great four years of service with some of the best people I know.  I encourage each of you to get more involved and see how beneficial and fun Bar membership in the New Lawyers Section can be. 

Lacee Anderson
Section Chair 2009-10

Annual Report – 2007-2008

I. Introduction.

 The NLS had another productive year furthering its mission to represent new lawyers and to promote their involvement in the MSBA.  My personal goal this bar year was to increase member involvement through a variety of useful activities, while at the same time improving the public image of lawyers.  We furthered those goals through the hard work of many new lawyers, including the NLS officers and committee chairs.  This report is respectfully submitted on their behalf.

II. Officers and Committee Chairs.

 Erika Donner served as vice chair.  Lacee Anderson served as secretary.  Christina Weber served as treasurer.  Jennifer Lurken served as CLE Committee chair.  David Classen served as Community Service chair.  Emily Finger and Katie Gettman each served partial terms as the Social Committee chair.  Shanda Pearson and Margaux Soeffker acted as co-editors of our quarterly newsletter, The Hearsay.   Additionally, almost two dozen other NLS members acted as liaisons to other MSBA sections and committees.

Elections for the upcoming bar year were held during our May 2008 Council meeting.  Erika Donner was elected chair. Lacee Anderson was elected vice chair.  Christina Weber was elected treasurer. Charles Delbridge was elected secretary. 

III. Social/Community Events.

A. The MSBA NLS teamed up with the Ramsey County and Hennepin County New Lawyers for an annual NLS Spring Social and food shelf fundraiser, held on April 24th, 2008.  It was a huge success.  The April 24th event was attended by about 130 new lawyers and raised nearly $3,000 dollars and collected several pounds of food, which was all donated to the Second Harvest Heartland food shelf.  The event helped hundreds of local families.   

B. A large committee of NLS members donated their time, resources, and funds to make the New Lawyers Section’s 3rd Annual Toys for Tots Happy Hour a huge success. The event, held December 6th at the Graves 601 Hotel, raised over $4,300 dollars and generated over 100 toys for the Toys for Tots organization. About 100 lawyers attended the event and, along with 15 law firms, donated cash and toys to help hundreds of deserving children enjoy the holiday season.

C. In January 2008, The NLS sponsored a law student/attorney networking event at a glass blowing studio in St. Paul, which was organized by law students interested in MSBA involvement.   This was one of three law school-related networking events attended or organized by NLS members.

D. Our members organized visits to several local high schools to encourage children of all backgrounds to “Choose Law” as a profession, using program materials provided by the ABA-YLD. 

E. We sponsored and organized the MSBA Convention’s Late Night Social (with a live band), as well as a ‘hospitality’ suite after the MSBA's President’s Reception in Duluth in mid June. 

F. After severe flooding in southern Minnesota resulting in a federal disaster declaration, the NLS provided the flood victims with free legal advice and guidance (utilizing our own disaster preparedness manual).

G. Overall, we increased attendance at our monthly meetings and saw more members become involved in activities.

IV. CLEs/Training/Newsletter.
Providing free CLEs and training to our members was important this year.   Through the efforts of our CLE committee chair, Jennifer Lurkin (and others) the NLS conducted training for NLS members that desired to provide free “Wills for Heroes”.  We invited nationally-known financial adviser, Tom Haughty, to Minneapolis to present "Real Life Financial Planning for Young Lawyers".  We conducted four free CLE sessions for our members.   NLS members contributed for publication dozens of substantive articles for the NLS’s quarterly newsletter, The Hearsay.

V.  ABA Involvement

NLS members are very active in ABA events and ABA politics.  The Minnesota delegation at the ABA’s Young Lawyer Division conferences and at its Assembly meetings is known around the country as an active and a large group.  This year was no exception.  The NLS sent numerous delegates and representatives to the ABA Young Lawyers Division conferences and Assembly in order to influence the ABA, to cement relationships, and to encourage new attorneys to become active in the MSBA and ABA.   Two of our active members, Jennifer Daugherty and Mike Miller, were also active in the ABA. Jennifer as a YLD district representative and Mike as a House of Delegates member.

VI.  Recognition. 

Four of our very active members, including officers and committee chairs, were named “Up and Coming Lawyers” for 2008 by Minnesota Lawyer.

VII.  Summary.

I am proud of the accomplishments of our NLS members this bar year.  The free CLEs, the ABA involvement, the high-school and law school outreach, the Toys for Tots fundraiser, and the food shelf fundraiser are just some of the many ways that the MSBA New Lawyers Section is bringing lawyers together to strengthen the community and the profession.   I applaud our NLS members that continue to take time from their schedule to get involved.  It is on their behalf that this report is respectfully submitted.

Dan Gilchrist
Section Chair (2007-2008)


Annual Report for 2006-2007

The MSBA New Lawyers Section has accomplished quite a lot over the course of the past bar year.  Here are a few highlights:

Toys for Tots

The New Lawyers Sections of the Minnesota State and Hennepin County Bar Associations conducted a joint fundraising event to benefit Toys for Tots at the Graves 601 Hotel on December 7, 2006. 

The event raised over $3,000, and generated 125 toys for disadvantaged kids throughout the Twin Cities.  The checks, cash, and toys were presented to Toys for Tots at the KARE 11 studio during a news telecast the day after the event.  HCBA and MSBA New Lawyers Section members solicited support from the bar in two ways.  First, a group of members called dozens of local law firms to encourage donations, and several law firms donated $250 to the cause.  Additionally, each of the guests at the event brought a new toy or made a $10 donation.  We arranged for airtime and a trip to the KARE 11 studios, where several of our fully-loaded SUVs and vans met with Toys for Tots officials, who were on hand to accept the donations. 

Toys for Tots, which is operated by the United States Marine Corps Reserves, began in Los Angeles in 1947, and became a nationwide program in 1996.  Since its inception, the program has distributed more than 332.5 million toys to 158.7 million needy children, and received countless accolades as a leading philanthropic organization.  Accordingly, as the MSBA New Lawyers Section did last year, both the County and State New Lawyers Sections made Toys for Tots the object of their charity this year at their holiday social events.


Under the leadership of our CLE committee chair Jennifer Lurken, we were able to offer several free hour-long CLEs just before our monthly section meetings.  These CLEs were designed to cover topics most relevant new lawyers.  So far, we have offered CLEs on “Ethics and Professionalism in the Law,” “The New Rule 26 and E‑Discovery,”  and “Clerks:  Dos and Don’ts for New Lawyers,” featuring a panel of state and federal law clerks who provided useful tips and information for lawyers appearing before their respective judges. 

Hands on Twin Cities – Spring Yard Cleanup for Seniors

Just a few weeks ago, several NLS members participated in the Hands On Twin Cities Spring Yard Cleanup for Seniors.  Working with the Neighborhood Involvement Program, the Spring Yard Cleanup is just another way that the Hands On Twin Cities organization provides assistance to seniors so they can continue to live independently.  Volunteers from the NLS spent a morning trimming bushes, cleaning the garden, raking and washing windows at the home of a senior, who greatly appreciated our time and effort.

Spring Social at Nami

The MSBA New Lawyer’s Section and the HCBA New Lawyer’s Section teamed up to host the annual Spring Social Event in April at Nami.  The MSBA NLS and local businesses contributed approximately $1,200 in gift cards, which were given away as door prizes to some of the approximately 130 lawyers in attendance.  Nami dedicated its new back bar room to the event, which included free drinks and Japanese food courtesy of Robert Half Legal and Pat Carl & Associates.

MSBA Annual Convention

The NLS is sponsoring an entertainment and hospitality suite at the Convention, and awarded two $250 scholarships to NLS members who are interested in attending the Convention. 

Election of New Officers

The new officers for the 2007-08 bar year:

Chair:  Dan Gilchrist
Vice Chair:  Erika Donner
Secretary:  Lacee Anderson
Treasurer:  Christina Webber

S. Jamal Faleel
2006-07 Chair

MSBA New Lawers Section
2005-2006 Annual Report

Rebecca Rhoda Fisher, Chair

The NLS had a great year. The officers were myself, Jamal Faleel- Vice Chair, Dan Gilchrist-Secretary, and Erika Donner-Treasurer. The section created three subcommittees: 1) CLE, chaired by Jennifer Daugherty; 2) Community Service, chaired by Deanne Dailey; and 3) Social and Membership, chaired by Lacee Anderson. The subcommittees were very active and really helped get members involved in various aspects of the section. I attempted to encourage involvement in the section and recruit new members. That being said, we have many new members who I believe will continue to be an asset to the section.

CLE (Chair Jennifer Daugherty)

The Section sponsored several CLE's this year starting in October with and elimination of bias CLE titled "Chronic Stress, mental Illness and Chemical Dependency in the Practice of Law" with Joan Biblehausen from the Life and Law Committee and Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers as the speaker. In January there was an ethics CLE titled "Professional Responsibility" with Craig Klausing from the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility as the speaker. In February we co-sponsored an elimination of bias CLE with the Employment Law section titled "North Country" where we viewed the movie and then there was a great panel discussion including one of the plaintiff's attorneys, Judge Lay, and other employment law attorneys. In March there was CLE titled "Discovery in a Digital World."

Overall, the Section sponsored 4 CLE's at no cost to members. This serves the section membership in three ways: 1) it provides quality continuing legal education at no cost as a member benefit; 2) helps to recruit new members; and 2) it provides an opportunity for new lawyers to get together and develop contacts throughout the state.

ABA involvement

As is traditionally the case, the Minnesota NLS strives to have a large presence within the ABA-YLD. Starting in the fall several members were funded to attend the ABA-YLD conference in Louisville, KY. They came back with some great ideas for community service projects after participating in the public service opportunity at the conference.

The ABA-YLD midyear meeting was in Chicago in February. The section again sent several delegates including myself. Most notable for me at the meeting was the outpouring of gratification the Minnesota Bar received from the bar leaders of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana for the Katrina Relief efforts at the Minnesota reception.

The ABA-YLD Spring Conference was in Portland and again several members were funded to attend this meeting. As on previous occasions, those members brought back great ideas for future community service projects.

The section also provided scholarships to members for the MSBA Annual Convention at Maddens. The annual was well attended by NLS members and fun was had by all in the NLS hospitality suite.

The section has also funded three members to attend the ABA-YLD annual conference in Honolulu in August. I am confident that they will bring back some excellent ideas for community service projects for next year. I understand the YLD theme for the 2006-2007 year is going to be promoting the legal profession to younger people at the high school or college level. I believe this will play well with the MSBA mock trial program and the "We the Jury" program the NLS participated in this past year.

Funding the NLS delegates to the ABA-YLD conferences and the MSBA annual is a really works as a springboard to foster future involvement of new lawyers within the MSBA.

Newsletter (Co-Editors Lacee Anderson and Jennifer Daughterty)

The Hearsay is the newsletter of the NLS and is one of the most visible things the Section does. We sent out four issues this past year to the entire section via e-mail. The Hearsay is a great way to promote the section and MSBA and attract new members. The articles are substantive and well written and foster involvement in the section.

By Law Revision

The By Laws were amended at the June 2006assembly meeting. The basic changes were to update the language from the old governing structure to the new one. In addition, we added the three standing committees: 1) CLE; 2) community service; and 3) social/membership.

Social Events (Chair Lacee Anderson)

In addition to having the annual joint Spring Social with HCBA and RCBA we had a joint Fall Social with HCBA at the beginning of December at the Graves 601 Hotel in Minneapolis. The event was well attended. In conjunction with the Fall Social we did a Toys-for-Tots drive. We ended up with several cars full of toys that we brought to the KARE 11 studio to donate. Deanne Dailey, our community service chair, arranged for us to be on the evening newscast where we were interviewed and plugged MSBA and HCBA new lawyers.

The joint Spring Social with HCBA and RCBA was a hit as usual and attendance was great.

The late night social at the MSBA Annual Convention at Madden's was a ton of fun. The band played and everyone was dancing. After that several folks retired to the NLS hospitality suite for more fun.

The socials are a great was to recruit new members and network with NLS members from other NLS sections.

Community Projects (Chair Deanne Dailey)

In the fall we did the Toys-For-Tots drive as discussed above. In early 2006 we encouraged participation in the MSBA mock trial program. In spring we participated in the We the Jury program where attorneys went in to the schools and conducted mock voir dire on a criminal or civil case, the students then got to watch a video of a short trial and deliberate. In May for Law Day we spoke to four classes at Stillwater High School on this year's theme, separation of powers.

I hope that the progress made this year in the area of law related community service projects will continue. I also feel that the ABA-YLD theme for the coming year will be able to be easily integrated with the MSBA programs in the coming year based on the types of programs we participated in last year and expect to continue.


The Nominating Committee met and submitted 3 names, 2 of which were selected, to Minnesota Lawyer and named as Up and Coming Attorneys for 2006. This was done by soliciting nominations from the entire section and made up of persons who have previously received the award. It should be noted that the Section's Secretary, Daniel Gilchrist and one of the Section's Hearsay co-editors, Jennifer Daugherty, were honorees.

We also presented Deanna Dailey and Kim Maki with plaques to recognize the work they did for the section. Deanna was a great leader in the community service project area by helping set up the We the Jury project among other things. Kim did a great job of collecting furniture and items from attorneys in Duluth that were then sent down to the Gulf as part of the Katrina Relief effort.


In the past, the Section has been running a deficit of approximately $1,000. Starting last year we actually ended up with a small surplus. I expect that we will do so again this year.

Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

The annual meeting was held on the patio of the NLS hospitality suite at Maddens on a glorious sunny morning. The officers for next year are: Chair - Jamal Faleel, Vice Chair - Daniel Gilchrist, Secretary - Erika Donner, and Treasurer - Lacee Anderson.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Rhoda Fisher, Chair MSBA-NLS 2005-2006

MSBA New Lawers Section
2004-2005 Annual Report

The NLS had, in my humble opinion, a fantastic year. The officers were myself, Rebecca Fisher-Vice Chair, Jamal Faleel- Secretary, and Dan Gilchrist-Treasurer. One of the big items this yeas was my initiative to change the focus of the NLS by focusing creating involvement with the Section, fostering the growth of new lawyer networks and minimizing non-law related community service projects. In years past the NLS would often donate dresses to needy high schools, money to Habitat for Humanity, as well as other noble, but non-law related causes. I attempted to stop that this year and was in large part successful.


The Section sponsored several CLE's this year starting in January with "Marketing and the New lawyer" with Mike Bryant from St. Cloud as the speaker. In March there was an ethics CLE titled "Satisfying Clients. In April there was a co-sponsored CLE with Hennepin County NLS and Judge Perez focusing on administrative law and trial tips. In May the trial consulting firm, DecisionQuest gave a CLE on technology and trial tactics which was well attended.

Overall, the Section sponsored 4 CLE's at no cost to members, which helps to serve the section membership twofold; 1) by providing quality continuing legal education at no cost as a member benefit and 2) by providing the opportunity for new lawyers to get together and develop contacts throughout the state.

ABA involvement

As is traditionally the case, the Minnesota NLS strives to have a large presence within the ABA-YLD. Starting in the fall Josh Root, a first time attendee, was sent to Des Moines for a regional YLD meeting. Josh brought back some good ideas for the section to implement.

The YLD Fall meeting was held in Austin, Texas with the Secretary, Dan Gilchrist, attending for the primary purpose of pitching the idea of having a YLD national conference in Minneapolis-St. Paul. As of this writing there is no indication if the Twin Cities will get the opportunity to host a meeting in 2007/2008, however the sentiment is that Montreal and Las Vegas will beat us out.

The NLS sent several delegates to the ABA Mid-Year meeting in Salt Lake city. The Spring meeting in Miami, was well attended by 5 first time attendees. This was especially notable as the primary reason for using YLD conventions is to act as a springboard to foster future involvement of new lawyers within the MSBA.


The Hearsay is the newsletter of the NLS and is one of the most visible things the Section does. The original newsletter editor had some personal problems and was ineffective, she was removed and I acted as the editor and in Nov/Dec we put out the 2004 edition of the Hearsay. Later in 2005 we attracted two co-editors, Lacee Anderson and Jennifer Daugherty who picked up the pieces and have completed the spring, 2005 Hearsay which will be sent via email to all 3,500+ members on June 13th to coincide with the annual meeting. This Hearsay, in my opinion, is one of the finest we've ever produced. The articles are substantive, well written and should attract more interest in the Section. The co-editors deserve to be commended for their hard work and dedication.


The KSTP Lawline project is still going strong. The Vice-Chair, Becky Fisher, headed the effort and has managed to attract 6-10 people the last Tuesday of every month to man the phones and appear on KSTP.

The Standing Committee on Awards met and submitted 4 names, 3 of which were selected, to Minnesota Lawyer and named as Up and Coming Attorneys for 2005. This was done by soliciting nominations from the entire section and made up of persons who have previously received the award. It should be noted that the Section's Secretary, Jamal Faleel, was one of the honorees.


For the past 3 years the Section has been running a deficit of approximately $1,000. This generally has not been a problem as the next years' budget was simply reduced by that amount and it did balance out; however this year one of the Section's goals was to balance the budget. As of this writing we will succeed. Due to prudent spending and careful monitoring of the books by the Treasurer, Dan Gilchrist, the section should end the year with approximately a $750 surplus.

Respectfully submitted,

Jason C. Kohlmeyer

Jason Kohlmeyer, Chair MSBA-NLS

MSBA New Lawers Section
2002-2003 Annual Report

1. Election of Officers.

At our annual meeting on Friday, June 20, at noon, we elected new officers for the 2003-2004 bar year. The new officers are:

Joan Schulkers - Chair
Jason Kohlmeyer - Vice Chair
Rebecca Fisher - Secretary
S. Jamal Faleel - Treasurer

Their contact information is available on the NLS website, at the officers page or liaisons page. Be sure to update the officers page and remove my name. The new officers (and old officers) are copied to this email, if you want to confirm their contact info. I note that Jamal will be moving from his judicial clerkship to private practice (Fredrikson & Byron?) at some point later this summer.

2. Activities of the New Lawyers Section in 2002-2003.

September 2002: Updated section website, planned year, solicited new liaisons. Joan Schulkers was funded to attend a regional ABA YLD AOP conference in Indianapolis.

October 2002: GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Social at Kieran's Irish Pub, in collaboration with the Minnesota Society of CPAs-Young CPAs Section and Mercanti Group, a local investment bank, with money raised for MN League of Women Voters. Some of us will never forget meeting Marcia Wellstone at the GOTV, just weeks before her and her parents' untimely deaths. Jason Kohlmeyer and Jennifer Henderson were funded to attend a regional ABA YLD conference in Cincinnati. Representatives at the local law schools attended our business meeting, and we started building relationships with the local student bar associations

November 2002: Jon Duckstad, MSBA President, attended our business meeting and joined us for a post-meeting social at Rock Bottom Brewery.

December 2002: Santa Brings a Lawsuit project is coordinated by Jennifer Henderson and Tamar Gronvall. Pat Boulay and Mark Cohen of Minnesota Lawyer make a presentation to the NLS business meeting. Mock Trial program promoted to NLS members.

January 2003: NLS newsletter is published, with Heather Griesert and Carl Olson serving as co-editors. Special thanks to Gretchen Otto, past NLS chair, for writing an article for the newsletter. A representative of William Mitchell's Center for Law and Leadership attended our business meeting, to discuss ideas for programs of interest to New Lawyers.

February 2003: Doug Debner and Tamar Gronvall were funded to attend the ABA mid-year conference in Seattle. NLS receives grant of $2000.00 to provide training on asylum appeals to the 8th Circuit. Grant is partnership with Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers, Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association, and the Appellate Practice Section.

March 2003: NLS military families pro bono project initiated by Joe Fittante and Jim Haase.

April 2003: Habitat for Humanity Day coordinated by Jaren Johnson. Spring Social at Palomino takes place and is a big success, with planning done by Doug Debner and HCBA Social Chair, Craig Sandok.

May 2003: Becky Fisher, Jason Kohlmeyer, and Jamal Faleel attended the ABA YLD conference in New Orleans as MSBA NLS funded delegates. Tamar Gronvall and Sara Lathrop were approved as funded delegates for the ABA annual meeting in San Francisco.

June 2003: NLS members Kerry Bundy and Teresa Jones plan the MSBA Convention Welcome BBQ and hugely successful (perhaps best ever) NLS post-President's Reception Social.

3. Recognition of Active Members.

During 2002-2003, NLS benefited from the work of many members, including the following people (in no particular order, and not at all an exhaustive list of contributors or active members):

And special thanks to Renee Anderson and Kim Basting, our diligent support on MSBA staff.

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