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Talk to us on the section's e-mail discussion group!

It's like the song says: Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your e-mail address.

Any time that's convenient to you*, you can communicate with colleagues eager to share their perspectives on the law, the special challenges facing new lawyers, or any other topic that comes up. Join the dialogue!

To subscribe to the New Lawyers Section discussion group:

  • Launch your e-mail program (making absolutely 100% sure it's set to send in plain text, not formatted)
  • In the address window, type:
  • In the message window, type:
    subscribe newlawyers
  • Send the message

When you subscribe, you will receive a message confirming your subscription. Please keep that message -- as you should all such messages from any e-mail discussion group -- because it also tells you (as such messages almost always do) how to get back off the list. (It also tells you the group address, so you can send mail to everyone at once. We don't repeat that address here, because we want to help keep the address unknown to spambots).

However, for those who throw away warranties, product manuals, insurance policies, and instructions how to get off e-mail lists they join, we say it here, too:

to unsubscribe at any time:
send the command "unsubscribe newlawyers" (without the quotation marks, of course)

to the same address as you did the subscribe command, namely <>.
That is the subscription-maintaining program's e-mail address, not the group's. Please do not send an unsubscribe command to the group.

If you want to send an e-mail to the group of people on the list, but have forgotten the address and against our pleas and advice have thrown away the welcome message telling you the group's address, you can just send a "reply to all" (not just a "reply" to any message you receive via the list (although you'll want to change the subject or topic line, of course). If the addressee of the message you're replying to is not in the standard someone@somewhere form for e-mail, i.e., is an alias or nickname someone has made, you can find the real address in its correct form by checking the address's "properties."

If you don't receive messages -- or if you get an error notice when trying to subscribe -- it's probably due to one of two problems:

  • You didn't type the messages as they appear above. The system is automated; one typo, and you're out of luck. Retype the magic words exactly as they appear above, or, better yet, copy and paste from this screen.
  • Your e-mail program sent the message as formatted text instead of plain text.

If you still have trouble, contact the MSBA director of technology, at or (612) 333-1183; (800) 882-6722.

*Email groups are usable no matter how different everyone's schedules are. ("Asynchronous" is the fancy word.)

You will get out of an e-mail discussion group only what you put into it.

- Last Updated 11/18/03 -