David F. Fisher

Mr. Fisher is an experienced general counsel, corporate attorney, board secretary and director, with more than 35 years business and law experience working in a wide variety of disciplines including in areas of corporate and organizational governance, corporate and commercial operations and management, regulatory and public law, commercial litigation, and alternative dispute resolution.  He provides consulting services in the area of corporate governance and fiduciary duties.  Mr. Fisher also serves as Executive Director of the Corporate Institute, University of Minnesota Law School, and is of counsel with the Minnesota law firm Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren LLC, where he specializes in corporate and Board governance, business law, business organizations, and serving as general counsel on behalf of clients. He has advised executives, boards of directors, board committees, and individual directors and officers of for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Fisher has served as President and Board Member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (“NACD”), Minnesota Regional Chapter, and as advisor to the National office of NACD.  Among the services he has rendered on behalf of NACD are regular presentations of instructional programs of interest to directors, including in matters of director fiduciary responsibility, integrity and ethics.

Mr. Fisher has served as secretary, chief legal officer and chief ethics officer with three publicly traded, multinational companies, as founder and chief executive officer for an internet business services company, Board and audit committee member of a publicly traded company, and Board chair and audit committee chair with non-profit organizations.  Mr. Fisher also has held several senior government positions in Minnesota State and local government, and as a member of the Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities.

Mr. Fisher holds a Juris Doctor degree from Washburn University School of Law, Topeka, Kansas, has been a member in good standing of the Bar of the states of Minnesota and Kansas, has completed graduate studies at Harvard University School of Law, Harvard Business School and the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and enjoys a vigorous legal practice spanning more than thirty-five years.