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Minnesota State Bar Foundation

The Minnesota State Bar Foundation is a foundation of the Minnesota State Bar Association and exists for the express purpose of providing monetary grants to community and law-related programs and activities. Areas of emphasis include legal assistance to the disadvantaged, improvements in the administration of justice and law-related education.

Mission Statement & Bylaws

The Minnesota State Bar Foundation's mission is to support access to justice to all Minnesotans.  Our primary strategy is to provide financial support for:

1.  Legal aid to the disadvantaged;
2.  Quality law-related education;
3.  Enhancements to the administration of justice and to the vitality of the legal profession. 

Foundation Bylaws

2016 Bar Foundation Annual Report

The Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) created the Minnesota State Bar Foundation in 1932 as its charitable arm. The Foundation mobilizes legal community philanthropy to achieve access to justice for all Minnesotans. The Foundation awards monetary grants to community and bar-related programs and activities.

From July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016, the Foundation awarded $74,000 in grants to various programs across the state.  Grants ranged in size from $1,000 to $7,500.  MSBF supported Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, the Minnesota Justice Foundation, the MSBA High School Mock Trial program, Call 4 Justice, Children's Law Center, and many other great organizations that make a difference in the lives of Minnesotans.

The Foundation’s ability to fulfill its charitable purpose depends on the generosity of its donors. Through the MSBA’s annual dues renewal process, there is an optional $25 contribution to the Foundation members can make.  The majority of the Foundation’s contributions come from this source.  Funds were also received from local district bar associations. In addition, MSBA members are encouraged to make donations to commemorate the work, retirement, or memory of another lawyer.

The Foundation continues to strive to meet its mission of funding legal assistance to the disadvantaged, improvements in the administration or justice, and law-related education.  Thank you to all who donated.

Respectfully submitted,

Jill Prohofsky, 
MSBF President

Impact Grant 

For some time, the Foundation had explored the idea of making a larger “impact” grant. A significant cy pres award to the Foundation last spring has provided a source of funding for an Impact Grant. 

Human trafficking is a public safety, public health, and human rights issue that occurs around the world and in communities throughout Minnesota. New laws focusing on providing justice for the victims of human trafficking have had, and will continue to have, an impact on Minnesota’s legal system. In response to this impact, the Foundation has released this Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide legal services to victims of human trafficking in Minnesota. 

At the December 5, 2014 meeting, the Board gave the $25,000.00 grant to Battered Women's Legal Advocacy Project who will be using the funds to expand their immigration services to provide direct representation for trafficked to women in securing the appropriate visas needed to insure their safety and to increase their ability to provide legal consultation and training in all legal aspects of trafficking to all professionals serving trafficked women.