MSBA Members: If you have already reset your password, proceed directly to login screen

If your password from before June 28, 2013, has not been reset, see instructions below

Password Reset Instructions

For those with passwords with passwords set prior to June 28, 2013

The login path to your members-only services has changed. Our new members-only website offers more services, but you need to reset your password first.

Detailed instructions are here, but it's just a few quick steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the same email address you used before to log in
  3. Answer the hint question (Type this answer: MSBA)
  4. Enter your new password according to the instructions
  5. That's it! Next time, just visit to log in with your new password

Looking for practicelaw, Fastcase, mndocs, Bench & Bar Digital Edition, and mnfindalawyer? After you reset your password, you'll see them all under a new "Online Services" menu item.

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