About e-Events

The online Events service provides members with the opportunity to register and pay for meetings online.  By registering online, members know they are pre-registered for a CLE seminar, committee meeting, or convention event.  Online registrations are immediately entered in the MSBA’s events module.  The following is additional information about the Events service. 

Through VeriSign, the MSBA has acquired an Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL Certificate).  Please consider visiting VeriSign’s website for more information about the added security this type of certificate offers.  http://www.verisign.com/ssl/ssl-information-center/faq/extended-validation-ssl-certificates.html#a1

Confirmation Notice
After your registration has been completed, you will receive a confirmation notice via e-mail.  If you do not receive a confirmation notice within an hour of completing your registration, please check your spam folder. 

Cancel or Change a Registration
If you need to cancel or change your registration, please contact the MSBA office.  Registration forms and meeting notices contain refund information; please feel free to contact the MSBA office for refund information. 

CLE Credit
For events with CLE credits, the event date, title, and number of credits will be stored in your MSBA member record for future reference.

A list of names of individuals who have registered for the meeting may be viewed by selecting the Roster button located on the Event Registration page (upper right). 

Teleconferencing, access or dietary needs
The My Needs Comments button lets you indicate if you want to participate via teleconference or instruct the staff on your access or dietary needs for this meeting.  This button is located on the Check-Out Basket page (lower right). 

If a registration fee is charged, payment is required.  Visa and MasterCard are the two approved options for payment.   Refund information is noted on registration forms.