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MSBA to speak at BLE hearing on bar admission

On January 16, Fred Finch and Eric Cooperstein will speak at a public hearing of the Board of Law Examiners on behalf of the MSBA regarding the concerns expressed in the MSBA’s comments to the Board . The BLE specifically requested comments regarding their current interpretation of the phrase “engaged as a principle occupation” in the practice of law as being full-time or substantially full-time; whether that phrase should be measured as 120 hours or more of practice per month; whether 60 of the past 84 months is a reasonable look-back period regarding the practice of law; and how part-time employment and absences from employment should be addressed. The MSBA comments address: 1) how measuring hours worked may not correspond with a lawyers competency; 2) how the “look-back” period may negatively affect those who take FMLA or parental leave; and 3) how the BLE could incorporate additional criteria to establish competency, such as practice history and supervision.