Public Law Section

The MSBA Public Law Section provides services and programs to meet the special needs of public lawyers and private attorneys involved in public law issues. The section sponsors CLE programs relevant to public law such as data practices, ethics for public lawyers, government immunities, constitutional law, legislative updates, and elimination of bias in the legal profession. Law Student Section members liaise with the Public Law Council.

Section Benefits and Activities

MSBA Public Law Section provides prosecutors, defenders, judges, and all other public and private attorneys involved in local, county, state or federal government with opportunities to enhance their professional effectiveness, to improve the justice system, and to contribute to the profession and community. The benefits include

  • In-depth information on issues affecting public lawyers through regular newsletters, targeted CLEs, seminars and legislative updates.
  • A chance to meet, work with, and build a powerful network of contacts in public and private sectors through seminars, committees and events.

  • A voice in decision-making through special local and statewide committees, Supreme Court Boards, commissions, and task forces.

Committees: Awards, Data Practices, Ethics, Community and Public Serve, Membership, Local Government, and Newsletter.

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