Public Law Section


The Public Law Section is all about Community, using the individual strengths of many to maintain a strong community for all.

  • We are a community of lawyers working in Local, State and Federal government, education, the Bench and various private law firms and businesses. 
  • We work together to provide services and programs relating to the unique needs of public and private attorneys involved with public law issues.
  • We sponsor numerous CLE programs each year addressing issues unique to lawyers working in public law, such as data practices, ethics, government immunities, constitutional law, legislative updates, and elimination of bias.  We welcome and include Law Student Section members. 

Section Benefits and Activities

Join the Public Law Section and as a PLS member you will:

  • Enhance your professional effectiveness, improve the justice system and contribute to the profession and the community. 
  • Receive in-depth information on issues affecting lawyers working in the public sector through:
    1. Newsletters
    2. Committee meetings
    3. Targeted, timely and very affordable CLEs and legislative updates;
  • Attend inexpensive and no cost to you CLE’s;
  • Build a powerful network of contacts in public and private sectors;
  • Have a voice in decision-making through special local and statewide committees, Supreme Court Boards, commissions and task forces.

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Diversity Mission Statement

The MSBA’s Public Law Section (PLS) embraces the principles of diversity and inclusion.  PLS Bylaws require the Section take an active role in broadening representation with respect to geographical, race/ethnicity, physical and mental disability, sexual orientation, gender, and type of public employment (state, county, municipal, federal, part time, full time, legal services) , and to encourage participation and reduce barriers to participation of all public lawyers in Section activities.  
The PLS therefore has a steadfast commitment to: 
  • Seeking the active participation of diverse speakers and authors in Section programs and publications

  • Providing mentorship opportunities and increase Section membership of law students and newly admitted lawyers, with focus on under-represented minorities

  • Collaborating with others in the MSBA and greater legal community to build diversity awareness and create welcoming environments to achieve Section goals

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Public Law Section Highlights

2016 Rosalie E. Wahl Judicial Award of Excellence

The 2016 Rosalie E. Wahl Judicial Award of Excellence was awarded to 
Retired Ramsey County District Court Judge Gregg E. Johnson and was 
Presented by Judge Diane Alshouse.

 Gregg Johnson

Highlights from the 2016 Annual Meeting and Luncheon

  Raymond Cantu

The Julius E. Gernes Prosecutor Award of Excellence was awarded to
Raymond Cantu, presented by Mary Ellen Heng 

Jeannette Boerner


 The William E. McGee Public Defender Award  of Excellence was awarded  to  Jeannette Boerner and was   presented by Court of
 Appeals Judge Francis Connolly.

Dan Klint

The Public Attorney Award of Excellence for Civil Law 
Public Law Office Counsel was awarded to Dan Klint
Presented by Nancy Norman  Sommer and Christine Carney. 

Gregory Gray

 The Public Attorney Award of Excellence for In House Agency Counsel was  awarded to Gregory Gray and was presented by Amy Akbay.

Constance Tuck

The Public Lawyer Diversity Award was awarded to Constance Tuck
and was presented by Virginia Bly. 


The Douglas K. Amdahl Public Attorney Career Achievement Awards were awarded to:


 Cathy LeFevere for Charles LeFevere
Presented by Mary Tietjen

Thomas Scott

Thomas Scott 
Presented by Joel Jamnik 


Michelle Timmons

 Michelle Timmons
 Presented by Andy Timmons

Toni Beitz

Toni Beitz 
Presented by Mike Freeman 

William Bierman
 William Bierman
 Presented by Wendy Legge


 Jeanne Matross

Jeanne Matross 
Presented by Peter Hanf 


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