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Military & Veterans Affairs Section

On April 26, 2012, the MSBA Assembly approved the creation of the Military & Veterans Affairs Section. The Section replaces the MSBA Military Law Committee and will focus on:

(1) educating its members and members of the Minnesota State Bar Association about the practice of military law and veterans affairs and relevant issues impacting this practice; 

(2) providing opportunities for its members to communicate with and educate one another in-person and via electronic means; and 

(3) improving and enhancing the practice of military law and veterans affairs in the Minnesota legal community to better serve our community and current and former service members.

Military & Veterans Affairs Pro Bono Series

Join us for this CLE series designed to help the pro bono attorney working with veterans.  Attend all five CLEs for the cost of four (must call Jennifer Carter at 612-278-6309 to take advantage of that offer)!

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