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Coalition for
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Coalition for Impartial Justice

The Coalition consists of organizations, both legal and non-legal, that are committed to ensuring Minnesota's tradition of a fair and impartial judiciary.  

Bill Moyers Journal Addresses Judicial elections

The February 19, 2010 Bill Moyers Journal takes a hard look at how campaign cash in judicial races may sway America's courts. View segments online, or follow prompts to download podcasts.

  • Part I: The Journal revisits the 1999 FRONTLINE special "Justice for Sale" which reported on the growing concern — even among Supreme Court justices themselves — that campaign contributions may be corrupting the judicial process.
  • Part II: Bill Moyers sits down with legal analyst and journalist Jeffrey Toobin to talk about the relationship between big money and judicial elections today.
  • Part III: Buying the Bench? A Bill Moyers Essay.
  • Profile: Jeffrey Toobin

Here are examples of judicial election campaign attack ads from other states in 2008. The public's trust and confidence in an impartial state court will not be enhanced by big money partisan judicial campaign ads like these.

Contact your state legislators and tell them you want to see judicial election reform on the ballot for all Minnesotans to decide in November 2010.