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2009 MSBA Convention
Coalition for
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Retention / Election Bill

SF 70 - Senator Ann Rest / HF 224 - Representative Steve Simon

This bill proposes an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution to change the process for the selection of state court judges. The bill would amend the Constitution and relevant statutes to require that judges who have been initially appointed by the Governor stand for a retention election at the next regularly scheduled general election held more than three years after the appointment of the judge. If the majority of voters vote "no," the office would be declared vacant and the Governor would appoint a new individual to fill the vacancy, as provided under current law. If the voters decide to retain the judge, the judge would serve an eight-year term. (Overview provided by Senate Counsel.)

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Merit Selection Bill

SF 3152 Senator Ann Rest - HF 3643 Representative Steve Simon 

This bill requires merit selection for all justices and judges, and modifies requirements related to the Commission on Judicial Selection.

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