Introduction Assembly Council Officers Positions & Policies


Friday, April 25, 2014
12:00 Lunch -- 12:30 Call to Order

Dorsey & Whitney
50 South Sixth Street
15th Floor -- Minnesota Room


I.       Roll Call -- Check in at registration desk.

II.      Presentations

  • Bernard P. Becker Awards

III.     President’s Report

IV.    Treasurer’s Report

V.     Executive Director’s Report

VI.    Consent Calendar
Bylaw Article 4.9.3. -- Consent agenda. Recommendations by committees of the Assembly shall be placed on the consent agenda of the Assembly. Items on the consent agenda shall be enacted in one motion approved by the Assembly. There will not be separate discussion of items on the consent agenda unless a representative so requests. If any representative requests separate discussion, then the item will be removed from the consent agenda and considered by the Assembly as a separate agenda matter.

A. Approval of minutes of the December 13, 2013 meeting

VII.   Additional Agenda Items
A.    Action on a motion to authorize consideration of items on this agenda that were not included in the original notice and purpose of the Assembly meeting (requires a 75% vote) {New agenda Items will be marked with an asterisk.}

VIII.  Elections/Appointments Committee – Jacqueline Dorsey, Chair

A. Report on the work of the Committee
B. Action on the Recommendation that the Assembly nominate Stuart Williams, Hennepin County, to the Client Security Board
C. Action on the Recommendation that the Assembly nominate Samuel Edmunds, Dakota County, and Kevin Hofman, Hennepin County, to the State Board of Continuing Legal Education
D. Action on the Recommendation that the Assembly nominate Peter Knapp, Ramsey County, and Lawrence McDonough, Hennepin County, to the Legal Services Advisory Committee

Qualifications and Interest Statements were also submitted by Linda Heine, Brown County, Randi Roth, Ramsey County, Thomas Tinkham, Hennepin County, and Deja Weber, Olmsted County.

E. Action on the Recommendation that the Assembly re-elect Carol Klaphake and Patrick O’Donnell to the Central Minnesota Legal Services Board
F. Action on the Recommendation that the Assembly elect Fred Finch, Hennepin County, Juan Hoyos, Ramsey County, Patrick Kelly, Ramsey County, and Michael Miller, Hennepin County, as MSBA delegates to the ABA
*G.    Action on the Recommendation that the Assembly nominate Gary Hird, Ramsey County, to complete a the term of Richard Lareau on the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board

A Qualifications and Interest Statement was also submitted by Mary Ward, Ramsey County.

IX.    General Policy Committee – Eric Larson, Chair
A. Report of the work of the Committee
B. Action on the Recommendation to approve the Human Rights Committee’s request that the MSBA support The Conflict-Free Initiative and to purchase electronics from companies that purchase conflict-free minerals and support transparent supply chains in Congo

X.     Governance Committee – Sonia Miller-VanOort, Chair
Report on the work of the Committee
B. Action on the Committee recommendations to amend the MSBA Bylaws -- Article 1.4.1 and Article 7.2

XI.    Legislative Committee – Chris Morris, Chair
A. Report of the Legislative Committee

XII.   New Business
A. Policy Discussion on legalizing marijuana following presentations by James Backstrom, Dakota County Attorney, and Len Lichtblau, Associate Professor – College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota

XIII.  Announcements
A.    Notice of nominations/appointments to the following boards:
(Election of nominees will take place at the June 25, 2014 meeting of the Assembly.  Members should encourage any Association member who is interested in being nominated to submit a Qualifications and Interest Statement to the MSBA office by Friday, May 16.)

1.     Nomination of Candidate for MSBA Secretary -- Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the MSBA Bylaws, §9.3, the Elections/Appointments Committee of the Assembly will nominate a candidate for MSBA Secretary on Monday, June 2, 2014.  As required by Bylaw 9.3.4, the Committee “shall consider the need to provide for gender, racial, and other forms of diversity in the leadership of the MSBA when electing the officer at-large.”  All applications for this position should be submitted to the Chair of the Committee in care of Joni Fenner, Assistant to the Executive Director, Minnesota State Bar Association, 600 Nicollet Mall, Suite 380, Minneapolis, MN  55402; 612/333-1183; email  Deadline for submission is Friday, May 16, 2014.

2.     The Assembly, sitting as the members of the Minnesota State Bar Foundation, will elect directors of the Foundation.  The three-year terms of the following directors expire on June 30, 2014: Lyn Barbe, Bruce Candlin, Richard Hendrickson, Jeri Lynn Reinhardt, and Laura Sahr Schmit. Ms. Barbe and Mr. Hendrickson are not eligible to serve additional terms.  Mr. Candlin, Ms. Reinhardt, and Ms. Sahr Schmit are eligible and interested in serving an additional term.

B.    Future Meetings
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 (10:00 am)

XIV.  Adjournment