Adopted by the Minnesota State Bar Association Assembly

June 17, 2005


Resolution: That the MSBA should address the increasing attacks on the Judiciary.

Whereas basic information about the legal framework of our republic and the inter-relationship of its three-branches is being ignored or distorted as part of an attack on the judiciary; and

Whereas these attacks are increasing in severity and threaten the foundations of our system of government; and

Whereas action consistent with MSBA members' oath to defend the Constitution has never been more timely,

NOW THEREFORE, in exercise of its public education function, the MSBA will

1) give priority to communicating that an independent judiciary and independent judicial oversight of legislative and executive actions are key, non-negotiable components of our constitutionally established three-branch federal and state government;

2) join the public discourse in defense of the federal and state judiciary's free exercise of its vital role under the constitution of the United States; and

3) direct its Council, between meetings of the Assembly, to monitor developments, identify legislative or executive branch initiatives to undermine the proper role of the federal and state judiciary, and report these developments to the Assembly, to the MSBA membership, and to the public