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National Legal News | Wednesday, September 17, 2014


  • Philip Morris sues Uruguay over graphic cigarette packaging. Shopping for cigarettes in Uruguay isn't a pleasant experience. Photos of decaying teeth, premature babies and gruesome hospital scenes wrap around every pack. In fact, the country requires manufacturers to cover at least 80 percent of the packaging with medical warnings and graphic images. Go to National Public Radio Header

  • Mississippi Death Row Case Faults Bite-Mark Forensics. In one of the country's first nationally televised criminal trials, of the smirking serial murderer Ted Bundy in Florida in 1979, jurors and viewers alike were transfixed as dental experts showed how Mr. Bundy's crooked teeth resembled a bite on a 20-year-old victim. Go to New York Times Header

  • Baseball Caught Looking as Fouls Injure 1,750 Fans a Year. When sued, teams say they warn spectators of foul ball risks on ticket stubs, seat backs and stadium signs, and that they'll move fans to safer locations upon request. They also rely on the "Baseball Rule," the century-old doctrine protecting them from liability. Go to Bloomberg Header

  • Belgium grants jailed rapist, murderer euthanasia. A Belgian man convicted of murder and rape is being put to death. Yet the country doesn't have the death penalty. Confused? Authorities have granted a request for assisted suicide by the man, who says he's a menace to society and can't live knowing that. Go to Associated Press Header

  • Breaking down legal system's next steps in Peterson child injury case. Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted by a Texas grand jury for beating his four-year-old son with a tree branch, also known as a "switch." Go to Sports Illustrated Header

  • Group: Airman denied reenlistment for refusing to say 'so help me God.' An atheist airman at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada was denied reenlistment last month for refusing to take an oath containing "so help me God," the American Humanist Association said Thursday [Sept. 11]. Go to Air Force Times Header

  • Ginsburg: Watch 6th Circuit on gay marriage. People seeking clues about how soon the Supreme Court might weigh in on states' gay marriage bans should pay close attention to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told a Minnesota audience Tuesday [Sept. 16]. Go to Associated Press Header

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