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1999-2000 Annual Report

The Rules of Professional Conduct Committee had a busy year in 1999/2000. Co-chaired by U.S.
Magistrate Judge Art Boylan and Fred Finch, the committee served throughout the year as an advisory group for the ABA Ethics 2000 Commission, which is involved in an extensive review of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. The committee also revisited the question of whether lawyers should either be required to obtain malpractice insurance or to inform clients about their coverage status. The committee decided not to recommend any change to the current rules at this time. Finally, the committee continued its practice of advising other MSBA committees and sections on any proposed amendments to the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct. The Minnesota Supreme Court granted the MSBA petition for an amendment to Rule 8.3 on April 18; the rule now permits lawyers to keep confidential information gained while participating in a lawyers assistance program or other program providing assistance to lawyers with chemical dependency or mental disorders.

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