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Legislative Proposals: 2010 Session

Please note these are proposals only and have not been approved by the
Legislative Committee or the Minnesota State Bar Association

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

Revised Uniform Arbitration Act

Business Law Section

Chapter 302A (Substantive and technical amendments)

Chapter 317A (Proposals to incorporate changes to Chapter 302A into Chapter 317A)

Chapter 322B (Non-business limited liability companies; effective date)

Family Law Section
Uniform Collaborative Law
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Probate and Trust Law Section

Revision of Minn. Stat. §501B.64 Subd. 3 [defining short-term and long-term capital gains distributions from regulated investment companies and real estate investment trusts as distributions of principal (and not income) for trust accounting purposes]

New Minn. Stat. 524.5-409A (to allow appointment of a conservator on a temporary or emergency basis)

Proposed Amendments to Minnesota Stat. 524 (amendments proposed by the Uniform Law Commissioners to the Uniform Probate Code provisions defining the parent-child relationship for intestate succession purposes)

Real Property Law Section

Common Interest Community Certificates of Title

Modifying Cartway Provisions

Mortgage Registry Tax; Amendments to 287.03

Changes to 515B: Common Interest Ownership Act
Update: The MCIOA Committee has made additional changes to their proposal to amend Chapter 515B since the version of the bill draft originally posted. These changes include primarily: (1) the addition of applicability provisions, and (2) other technical or minor changes and corrections. The substance of the original proposal remains unchanged.

Tax Law Section

Proposal to establish state "interest netting" provision