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Make a difference! Apply to serve on a 2013-14 MSBA Committee

The MSBA committees develop, implement, and oversee many Association goals and programs. Committees are composed of MSBA members, appointed by the MSBA president, who volunteer their leadership, expertise, and service to benefit the Association, the legal profession and the community in the following areas:

The MSBA has three types of committees: management, permanent, ad hoc, and Assembly.

Management committees oversee MSBA programs and are generally limited in size. Members of the Assembly often serve on management committees.

Permanent committees work on general projects to enhance the profession and administration of justice. Permanent committees are generally limited to 20 members.

Ad hoc committees and task forces are organized to fulfill a specific need or purpose and are disbanded as soon as the purpose or need has been fulfilled.

Assembly Committees are limited to Assembly members; they report to the MSBA Assembly

MSBA members interested in serving on committees can fill out the online request form or they can send a brief letter outlining their interest in a given committee and their professional background to the Tram Nguyen, Minnesota State Bar Association, 600 Nicollet Mall #380, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

Members who take on a leadership role in the MSBA by serving on committees may find many benefits, including:

  • Satisfaction from making a difference in the profession and the justice system
  • Sense of accomplishing worthwhile goals
  • Opportunity to use expertise and provide leadership
  • Stronger professional connections with other dedicated MSBA leaders
  • The chance to influence the direction of the profession
  • Increased visibility in the profession
  • Enhanced knowledge in areas of particular interest

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